Finding Watches for Women with Extra Large Wrists

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Whether you prefer the look and feel of an oversized watch or need to find a watch with a longer band size, you can find a large variety of watches made specifically for extra large wrists. All you have to do is adhere to a few tips and guidelines and you'll have a stylish watch adorning your wrist in no time.

Shopping Guide for Plus Size Watches

There are a variety of retailers, both online and in store, that carry a great selection of watches designed for a plus size wrist. Check out the following retailers for the latest styles of watches.

Lane Bryant

Round face rhinestone watch
Round Face Rhinestone Watch

Not only does Lane Bryant carry a large selection of trendy plus size clothing, but this retailer also has a collection of watches in extended sizes as well. Most styles come with additional links for a custom-style fit or with leather bands that are done in a longer size. Some styles to consider include:

  • Round Face Rhinestone Watch: This gorgeous watch is priced around $35 and comes in a silver tone. This one-size watch features rhinestones around and on the face and has an adjustable band with two additional link clasps to ensure a comfortable fit. This style gets rave site reviews for both style and fit.
  • Boyfriend Watch: This classic watch, priced around $40, comes in both silver or gold tones. It is available in one size and features a traditional round face and oversized numerals. This style has a polished finish and comes with additional links for a custom fit. Site reviewers give this style positive reviews for its light weight and easy to read numbers.


Criss cross banglette link watch
Criss Cross Banglette Link Watch

Avenue features plus size watches in both classic and trendy styles. This site offers a great selection sure to match any woman's personal taste and style. Some watches to check out are:

  • Criss Cross Banglette Link Watch: This cute and stylish watch is priced around $25 and comes in one size. It is done in a silver tone and has a stainless steel case back. This watch has a rectangular face and a criss-cross chain link band with accents of rhinestones. It also features an extendable clasp closure.
  • Perforated Rubber Strap Watch: This bold watch is priced around $20 and comes in a gold tone with a perforated, black rubber strap. It features a round rhinestone trim face with gold numbers and a stainless steel case back.

Classic Plus Size Jewelry

Plus Size Watch Gold and White Strap to 8.5 Inch
Plus Size Gold and White Strap Watch

At Classic Plus Size Jewelry, you can find a variety of watches from simple to elaborate made for women with larger wrists. Many styles accommodate an eight or nine inch wrist. Some styles to consider include:

  • Plus Size Gold and White Strap Watch: This classic watch, priced around $20, is designed to fit a wrist size up to 8.5 inches. It features a white band and a white face with black numerals and a gold-tone trim.
  • Plus Size Women's Silver Tone Abalone Watch: This unique watch, priced around $25, is done in a style that fits up to an eight inch wrist. It features green, blue, and pink abalone set in a silver-tone link band. This watch has an oval white face with easy to read numbers.


Timex IRONMAN® Sleek 50 Full-Size
Timex IRONMAN® Sleek 50 Full-Size

Sears features a range of stylish and classic watches for women needing a larger size. Expect to find watches from popular brands such as Citizen, Bulova and Timex in addition to many others. Some styles to check out include:

  • Citizen Gold Tone Watch with Champagne Dial: This classic watch is priced at $55 and is done in a gold tone. It is ideal for larger wrists since it has an expansion link band. This watch has a champagne dial and oval face and can be worn casually or for dressing up.
  • Timex Ironman Sleek 50 Watch: This sporty watch is done in a unisex style and is priced under $80. This style features a white silicon band and gold trim. It has a digital face complete with training log. You can display data such as intervals, laps and alarms. This watch is full size and can fit up to a nine inch wrist.


At Torrid, you can find stylish fashions including watches and accessories tailored to those needing a plus size. Some trendy and fun styles of watches to check out are:

  • Hello Kitty Charm Watch: This cute charm watch, priced around $30, is 8.5 inches long. It is done in a silver tone and features a link bracelet with bow, heart, coffee, and cupcake charms. In addition, it has a watch with Hello Kitty's head on the face. This style is cute and fun.
  • Watch and Cuff Bracelet Set: This set includes a gold-tone watch and gold-tone cuff bracelets and is priced around $30. The watch is eight inches long and has removable links. It is done with a pave face and roman numerals. There are four bracelets included, each done in a different design such as arrows or circles.

Watch Style and Fit Tips

It's important to note that the standard wrist size for women is 7", and anything over that size would need a large band to fit it. In addition to the correct band size, you also want to opt for those that will complement your wrist without making it appear any larger than normal. Here are a few tips:

  • Consider Details: Metal chain-link watches look the best on a large wrist because the eye is drawn to the intricate detail of the watch instead of focusing on the wider width of your wrist.
  • Color: Watches in muted or darker colors will aid to slim your wrist down, giving it a more streamlined look. Brightly colored or light colored styles will add mass and bulk.
  • Comfortable Fit: Never get a watch that fits tightly. Allow yourself a little wiggle room because throughout the day you may be uncomfortable if the fit is too tight.
  • Face Style: Styles with big, oversized faces are also ideal because they also have a tendency to draw the eye away from your actual wrist, and more on the watch itself.

Where to Get Extra Large Watch Bands

There are a few places online where you can find additional watch bands to further accommodate your needs, should other stores lack the resources.

  • Watch Band Center: A huge selection of practically every type of watch band you can think of, including those that fit extra large wrists. Since the inventory here is so plentiful, it might be a good idea to buy a few different straps so that they are interchangeable with your watch.
  • Extend-ITs: An extender manufacturer that makes custom seatbelt extenders, this retailer also makes watch extenders to fit women with extra large wrists. The extender watch bands are all under $15 and come in a gold or stainless steel finish.
  • Esslinger: A discount watch online retailer that offers a wide selection of watch styles, colors, and sizes. Their width goes up to 34mm wide for those with truly large wrist sizes.

How to Measure Your Wrist

When buying a watch there are a few things that you should do to ensure that your wrist measurement is correct.

String Method

One way to measure your wrist is to use a piece of string. To do this:

  1. Wrap it around your wrist and use a marker to denote the spot where the string meets. Let it overlap just a little so when you order your watch it will have a little room. This can make a difference as your body makes little adjustments from day-to-day, such as water retention. This extra length is also needed if your watch has a toggle clasp.
  2. Once you've marked your string, use a ruler to measure the length.
  3. Subtract from the length the size of the watch head for the particular watch you plan to buy. Keep in mind that on average a watch head measures somewhere around an inch or so for large, easy-to-read watches. Always look for the face size in the description details.

Tape Measure Method

Another sure fire way to measure your wrist is to use a cloth tape measure. This is a simple method that doesn't require anything other than measuring tape. To use this method, simply wrap the measuring tape around your wrist until it feels comfortable. Keep in mind that most measuring tapes are in inches so be sure to convert to mm in order to get your correct watch band size.

Choose the Best Fit and Style

Now that you realize there are watches out there to fit extra large wrists, it's time to toss those watches that pinch, squeeze or cut off your circulation. A watch is an everyday accessory and fit is important. Shop around for not only the style you want but the fit as well.

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Finding Watches for Women with Extra Large Wrists