It's the most wonderful time of the year! But it's also the most stressful. And overwhelming. And exhausting. Finding the perfect gifts for the important people in your life shouldn't be a chore, but when you're unsure what to give someone, the temptation to give up entirely and just hand them over a stack of cash becomes increasingly tempting. 

Don't throw in the towel just yet, though. We've taken the guesswork out of the gifting season by creating an expertly curated gift list filled with 50 picks from teens & tweens for teens & tweens. That's right; we asked real-life teenagers to send us gift recommendations they'd love to receive, and here's what they chose.

This isn't your typical generic holiday gift guide; this is the real deal. You can thank us (and these awesome kids) later.

This Oculus VR Set Looks Incredible

Virtual Reality is a huge part of today's gaming and social culture, so a VR headset has always been something I wanted. I have a friend who has a headset and she always talks about how much fun she has playing games on it. Although I have never experienced VR firsthand, I would love to try it.- Devon, 14 years old

This Cool Light Fixture Adds to Any Teen's Bedroom

Mom got these for my little brother and I had to ask for them too. I liked touching it because it felt like hair. They look really cool, like an anemone, and like a firework when all the lights are off. Fortunately, you're not setting off an explosive in your teen's bedroom, if you give it to them. But it will be a fun thing to goof off with as they fall asleep.- Iris, 15 years old

This Lego Set Will Take You to the Dark Side

Just because we aren't 8 years old anymore doesn't mean we don't still like to build Legos. This will fit perfectly on my desk and will go great with my Millennium Falcon.- Trevor, 17 years old

This Lanyard Is Perfect for My New ID

As a brand new high school student, my lanyard is very convenient to me. It can carry my public transport card and my student ID. The one attached isn't the one I have but it is very similar and does the same things.- Devon, 14 years old

This Rainbow Flower Mirror Is Super Retro

Written in by Annie's mom: The retro 70's style is coming back, as my teenage daughter informs me. She has asked for a handful of hippie trinkets to decorate her room.- Annie, 15 years old

This Personal Laser Tag Set

The big item on Zane's wish list right now is a personal laser tag set. The Squad Hero Light Force Edition is rechargeable and lets up to four people play. "Tweens definitely love laser tag. Everyone I know loves laser tag," he said.- Zane, 10 years old

This Book Light Is Great for Late-Night Reading in Bed

I have trouble seeing in the dark, so if I want to read at 2:00 in the morning, I need a light. Most normal lamps would be hard to read by as your hands and hair and other things cast shadows upon the page. There are plenty of small portable lights that you can use to read but I personally prefer the ones that clip onto the pages.- Devon, 14 years old

These Crocs Are Going Viral Online

These crocs have been all over social media for the past month, and I really want a pair this holiday season. It's a higher quality type of croc with a fuzzy backing that could let them double as slippers. I would love to wear them to school or a swamp with "All Star" by Smash Mouth blasting.- Trevor, 17 years old

This Pillow That Gives Me a Better Night's Rest

I got this pillow a couple of years ago when we were mattress shopping, and I fell in love with it because it stays cool throughout the night. It's a great gift for any teenager who has a hard time sleeping or sleeps a little warm. It's also really comfy because of its memory foam. It's been helping me get a good night's sleep since I got it.- Jason, 14 years old

The Classic Air Pod Pros Block Out Anything

The number one reason I like these is for music to listen to while I'm exercising, running, fishing, cooking, or biking. They stay in your ear really well and the noise canceling drowns out all the other sounds. They're also good for car rides because of that reason.- Jason, 14 years old

This Bluetooth Speaker Can Go Anywhere

Consider this because everyone likes music and Bluetooth is more portable. Your kid can bring this whereever they go (though I don't get out much). Maybe skateparks? I don't know. Your kid will like this.- Iris, 15 years old

This Vintage-Inspired Lava Lamp Is Making a Comeback

One of Zane's favorite things in his bedroom is his lava lamp, and he thinks it would make a really good gift for teens and tweens. "As long as you remember to turn it on, it emits not that much light but looks cool," he said. "And say you've been up late enough that you actually want to go to bed for once? So what you can do is watch it just bubble and stuff, and it's just soothing and calming and can help you get to sleep."- Zane, 10 years old

This Set of Art Supplies Is Great for Any Teen

I asked my 10-year-old, Zane, what he recommended for other tweens, and the first thing on his list was a good set of colored pencils. "Tweens like to give a lot of detail to their drawings," he said. "Colored pencils are good for more detailed coloring, and you can draw and blend with them too."- Zane, 10 years old

This Introductory Guitar Set

Whether your teen is into genres such as punk, blues, pop rock, or any rock for that matter, a guitar would be a good idea for anyone who has previously played or wants to start playing. The package comes with everything you'd need to start practicing to become the next rock icon. An electric guitar is more versatile than an acoustic. You can make acoustic sounds with an electric, but make sure to give your kid headphones so they don't invoke the wrath of the angry neighbors (or you).- Iris, 15 years old
If you're thinking of getting your kid a guitar, and they like the distorted sound of punk rock, getting this style of distortion pedal would be a great idea. It has a lot of sound and power packed into this tiny little orange cube. I use mine to make punk music. Some notable artists that have used these include Kurt Cobain, Steve Vai, and Courtney Love.- Iris, 15 years old

These LED Lights Change Colors

LED Lights are a key part of my room and I absolutely love having them. They are very fun to customize colors and change the atmosphere of your room. Whenever my friends come over, the first thing they do when they enter my room is play with the strip lights I have around my room. I would recommend this to a friend over the typical ring light as they have much more variety in coloring, lighting, and pattern.- Devon, 14 years old

This 3D Printer Works Like Magic

I've had this 3D printer for a few years now and it's been amazing. This printer offers really good quality for the price-point that it's at. Having one myself encouraged me to be creative, as I've been learning 3D design since I've gotten it, making gifts for friends, and useful things for around the house. It would be both a great learning experience and would allow a teen to take their creativity and making skills to another level.- Trevor, 17 years old

This Custom Light Saber Is Perfect for Any Star Wars Enthusiast

I've wanted a high quality lightsaber like this one for a really long time now. This company is known for making really high quality metal lightsabers with special light-up and sound patterns. The amount of options available would allow me to get a saber that would be virtually custom to me. It's a gift that a Star Wars fan would really appreciate.- Trevor, 17 years old

This Cute Plushie Is Adorable and Cozy

This little octopus guy is so cute and I love having him. It's very fun to reverse the colors and it is just overall the cutest thing I have ever owned. These plushies have a lot of popularity on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, for obvious reasons. They are just so cute that I would highly recommend my friends to get one.- Devon, 14 years old

This Retro Phone Case Is Super Cool

My mom recently got me this for my phone. I like it. It's a neat little graphic and it surely works! It looks pretty cool and it feels like they layered the paint and texture correctly. If your kid is a music nerd, they'll love this!- Iris, 15 years old

This Minecraft T-Shirt Is a 10-Year-Old's Favorite

Zane is a huge Minecraft fan, as are a lot of his friends. A Minecraft T-shirt is a great way to show off that interest to other people. "Minecraft is the most popular game," he said. "I'd get a Minecraft shirt because you can wear it for a long time, especially if you buy it a little bit big."- Zane, 10 years old

This Comforter Is a Cozy Gift for Any Teen

Who doesn't like being bundled up in a giant, overgrown blanket while the world freezes over all around them (with a nice cup of cocoa)? I know I do. Though some may call this gift boring, I would have to disagree, because out of almost everything on this list, it has the most longevity out of all of them. They'll get the most use out of it. I also have a personal preference of having a giant thing that is wrapped around me in my sleep. If your kid does too, consider buying a comforter you think they'd like.- Iris, 15 years old

This Beginner Culinary Knife Set

I've loved cooking since I was about eight, and my parents got me some Shun knives when I was ten. I like the Shun knives because they come sharp and stay sharp. I like this particular one because of its slight curve. It's also a good all-around knife that can cut vegetables and meats, and it can debone just about anything. Even though the price is crazy expensive, if you have a teenager who likes to cook, these knives are going to last them a lifetime.- Jason, 14 years old

These Hexclad Pans For Your Teenage Foodie

Since cooking is one of my favorite things to do, this HexClad pan is on my wish list. I think it's going to be good because even though it is nonstick it doesn't have a coating that could come off. That way you can use metal utensils in it. It is non-toxic and the material it's made out of is supposed to conduct heat really well. It's also oven-safe so you can expand on the dishes you can make.- Jason, 14 years old

This Wall Collage Makes for a Fun Project

Written in by Annie's Mom: This is one of the gifts I am grabbing for my daughter (Annie) this Christmas. She's all about hanging photos of her and her friends on the wall. This looks really neat, and it's a fun project for her to do over the winter.- Annie, 15 years old

These Sticky Tabs Are Perfect for Marking Down Paragraphs

I love reading and these tabs are so good for annotations. They are pretty to look at when you are done, too! My best friend hates annotating so I wouldn't recommend these to her, but the people who do would love them. I have used them on two books so far and they are so useful for wanting to go back and find scenes I love.- Devon, 14 years old

This Spiderman-2 Game Is What Everyone Is Playing

Everyone is playing this new game right now. I really want it to be able to have something different to play over the winter break and I've heard great things about this newest edition. If your kid has a PS5 this would be the game to get for them this year.- Trevor, 17 years old

This Minecraft Plush Toy Makes a Great Gift

A Minecraft Axolotl plushie is Zane's go-to gift for friends who have birthdays. "Everyone likes them," he said. "They're so durable too. When I was at my friend's house, his little sister got hold of his, and it was not at all torn up after that."- Zane, 10 years old

This Amazon Gift Card May Just Be the Ultimate Gift

I feel like everybody likes a bit of money. Please don't tell me you wouldn't take this! If you say you wouldn't, be honest with yourself for just a moment. It's just a universal thing to want money.- Iris, 15 years old

This Art Set Has Everything You Need

I've had a passion for art since I was about ten, so I do a lot of drawing. You have to sharpen wooden pencils frequently when you're drawing, but with these, you don't have to sharpen them at all. They feel really nice in your hands because they're metal, and the case is good to store them in. The other thing I like is that they come with different sizes of lead, so I can get a fine point or a thick point for the different things I'm drawing.- Jason, 14 years old

This Hilarious Kitten Game

Zane's favorite card game right now is Exploding Kittens. "Tweens would love Exploding Kittens," he said. "It has very funny cards, and it's easy to play. And the jokes aren't going to get old."- Zane, 10 years old

These Cute Stickers Can Go on My Laptop, Waterbottle and more!

These are cute or "aesthetic" computer stickers that I have had my eyes on for a while. They are very cute and can help to customize your computer to your liking. I personally haven't had a product like this before but it is very high up on my birthday/Christmas list.- Devon, 14 years old

This Crochet Kit Is Great for Beginners

Crocheting is fun and I want to learn, so this kit is pretty high on my list. Crocheting was always something I wanted to learn but I ended up learning knitting instead. My friends have never really expressed interest in crochet, so I wouldn't recommend them this. This kit has a lot of stuff such as yarn, hooks, and needles, all the essentials for crocheting.- Devon, 14 years old

These Bose Headphones Are a Cult-Classic

Noise cancelling headphones are perfect when trying to focus on a show - no matter how much chaos unfolding in the house around you. Plus it makes watching Marvel, Star Wars, and action movies in general so much better. Plus, wireless with up to 24-hours of battery will let me binge, binge, and binge.- Trevor, 17 years old

This Box Set Is a Collection of Colorful Graphic Novels

A new book series makes a good gift too, according to Zane. He recommends the Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi. "Amulet stories aren't that long, and they're graphic novels," he said. "They don't have any swearing or anything, but they have suspense. And you have to read them several times to get tired of them!"- Zane, 10 years old

This Pack of Reese's Pieces Is Perfect for Any Sweet Tooth

There's no special place in my heart specifically for Reese's Pieces, but I included them because I think anyone with a sweet tooth would agree that chocolate and peanut butter go really well together. It would be a good gift because it's really affordable for the amount of candy you get out of it.- Iris, 15 years old

This Family Game Works for All Ages

This is a great family game to enjoy with just two people or with a group. It requires a lot of strategy and teamwork (even though there's no table talk). It's good for all ages and adults and teenagers can have playing together.- Jason, 14 years old

This Brightly Lit Vanity Mirror

Teenage girls are all about their makeup. But they can't do makeup without good lighting. This vanity mirror provides the light she needs to get her makeup just the way she wants it.- Annie, 15 years old

This Bookmark Is a Super Cute Book Accessory

This bookmark is the exact same one I have and am using currently and I love it. It has a tassel so you can find your page, and your bookmark, more easily. It also has a motivational quote just in case you feel like quitting reading. Some of my friends love reading and I think they would really enjoy having this bookmark.- Devon, 14 years old

These Flannel Pajama Pants Are Perfect for the Holidays

These pajama pants are super popular both as actual pajamas and also to wear out to school. Nearly all of my friends have, at one point, worn pants like these to class. It provides a much more comfortable option when you want to just roll out of bed and make your way to school.- Trevor, 17 years old

You May Be Surprised That Coffee Pods Are On My List

We're all tired, and sometimes we just need something to exist in the morning. So if your teen seems low on energy constantly, and you're sick of running out of your own pods, then maybe you should buy your teen their own.- Iris, 15 years old

These Cooling Pillows, Because Kids Want Comfy Sleep Too

You know that feeling when you keep turning your pillow over and over to get the cool side? And then it just evens out and is all warm? I want this because I like having my head be cool and my body not (wrapped in the giant comforter previously mentioned).- Iris, 15 years old

This Set of Markers Is Super Vibrant

I think these are one of the best gifts for teens who like art. They are really versatile, you can layer them without ruining your paper, and they're super vibrant. I love the brush tip, and they're more fun to use than any marker I've ever had.- Jason, 14 years old

This Sketch Pad Can Be Gifted to Any Tween

Teens and tweens who like drawing could always use a new sketch pad, especially if it's got thick paper. "Sketchbooks, preferably large sketchbooks, are good for drawing in," he said. "They can often last you an entire year or maybe even two."- Zane, 10 years old

This Pull-Up Bar for Easy Exercise

My brother got this pull-up bar for me recently. It's great because you can put it on any door frame and you can take it on and off very easily. You can leave it on the doorframe during the day and take it off at night to shut your door. It's a great gift for any teenager that wants to or likes to exercise.- Jason, 14 years old
I'd love this Loki Funko POP following the conclusion of Loki Season 2 to put in my room. Funko POPs in general have nearly every popular character (and even character's that aren't super popular) you can think of and everyone I know loves getting them. Disney did such a great job with the Loki series that this is perfect gift right now.- Trevor, 17 years old

This Among Us Plush Toy Is Super Popular

Zane says one of his friends has this squeaky plush toy inspired by the Among Us video game, and he really wants one too. "You can just slam your hand down on it, and it squeaks. It's so funny," he said.- Zane, 10 years old

The Playstation 5 Is High on My Wishlist

The Play Station 4 is one of the best consoles ever, but Sony is only going to support it for about another year. Even though the Play Station 5 is expensive, it's on my wish list because you'll be able to play the new games with the best graphics. Tell your parents it's better to get this because the PS 4 is going out of date.- Jason, 14 years old

This Fishing Rod Caught My Eye

This is another item on my wish list. I've been fishing since I was a kid, so I've tried a lot of poles. A family member has this pole, and I tried it out once and fell in love with it. I love it because of the sensitivity on the tip of the rod, its flexibility, and its casting range with light lures.- Jason, 14 years old

This Artsy Case Also Protects My Phone

A phone case, with a skeleton. I have a very similar phone case to the one attached and it has protected my phone from numerous drops, and it's very cool. My friends phone cases are okay but need a bit more style if I'm being honest. I would definitely recommend them a phone case with a skeleton if they asked.- Devon, 14 years old