It's the most wonderful time of the year! But it's also the most stressful. And overwhelming. And exhausting. Finding the perfect gifts for the important people in your life shouldn't be a chore, but when you're unsure what to give someone, the temptation to give up entirely and just hand them over a stack of cash becomes increasingly tempting. 

Don't throw in the towel just yet, though. We've taken the guesswork out of the gifting season by creating an expertly curated gift list filled with 50 picks from young professionals for young professionals. That's right; we asked real-life professionals starting out in their careers to send us gift recommendations they'd love to receive, and here's what they chose. 

This isn't your typical generic holiday gift guide; this is the real deal. You can thank us (and these awesome contributors) later.

This Ergonomic Desk Chair Keeps Me Upright

I spent months, MONTHS, trying to decide on a desk chair. I wanted something comfortable that was also a mix between a desk chair and a recliner for when I wanted a cozy reading chair. There's nothing I would change about this chair.- Allison, Writer & Mixologist

This Bluetooth Keyboard Folds Up Small

An author friend received this foldable Bluetooth keyboard for her birthday this year and it immediately went to the top of my wish list. She does a lot of writing on the go while hanging out at her son’s sports practices, and with this keyboard, she can just connect it to her phone and type away. It folds up to about the size of a book and is super easy to tote around.- Saleema, Writer & Registered Veterinary Technician

This Mini Humidifier Saves My Throat During the Winter

Mini Humidifier for my desk. This makes my desk feel a bit like a spa (LOL). I really love using this during the dry winter months. I swear it helps me stay away from germs.- Zelda, HR Manager

These Post-It Notes Help Me Remember Everything

If you’re not sure what to gift someone, you can’t go wrong with a pack of super sticky Post-It Notes. From little reminders to important bits of information, I write everything onto these post-its. Once they’re stuck, they’re not going anywhere which is exactly what a chaotic desk-goblin like me needs.-Megan, Writer & Historian

This Foldable Walking Pad Is Silent and Compact

I squeeze in my daily steps with the Walkingpad S1 folding treadmill. It’s silent, slim, and folds in the middle so you can store it under the bed, sofa, or coffee table lightning fast. It’s a bit of a pricier gift, but it’s absolutely well worth the investment.-Megan, Writer & Historian

The Kindle Paperwhite Was the Gift I Didn't Know I Needed

My friend got me this for my birthday, and honestly? I get the Kindle hype now. The Kindle Paperwhite is an inexpensive option for us girlies who love to read but hate creasing our hardcover books. It's also so easy to take on planes, without having to worry about screen glare or nosy seat neighbors.- Claudia, Senior Brand Copywriter

This Adjustable Stand Allows You to Work From Your Bed

I often switch up where I work. On cold, cold days I like to work from bed, directly under the heater, with blankets piled up. And sometimes I like to turn my regular desk into a standing desk. All that is possible thanks to this lap desk that is oversized when you need it but folds small under my bed when I don't.- Allison, Writer & Mixologist

This Weekly Planner Is Fantastic

For no less than four years I have turned to Passion Planner to help me keep track of work projects, my personal life, and every little task that falls onto my plate. I'm team physical planner, but they also have digital planners that are dated and undated, and physical planners of varying sizes. I would be lost without it.- Allison, Writer & Mixologist

This Cork Board Helps Me Organize My Life

This cork board helps me put all of my thoughts into one place. I bought this last month for my home office and I have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of use it gets. It helps me keep all of my thoughts in one place, and visualize my notes.- Becca, Commerce Editor

I Recommend This Book to Everyone I Know

Glennon Doyle is a national treasure. I read Untamed shortly after it was released in 2020 and have gifted it to every woman in my life since. It’s definitely a must-read for anyone on the precipice of discovering themselves.- Saleema, Writer & Registered Veterinary Technician

This Wearable Blanket Could Not Be More Perfect for Me

This blanket-hoodie is honestly one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Instead of spending my winter evenings wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, I can literally wear the blanket in the form of a hoodie. It’s super warm and soft, which means the cats love it too. I’m planning to gift these to the rest of my family this Christmas, so we can all wear them around the tree.- Saleema, Writer & Registered Veterinary Technician

This Silk Pillowcase Protects My Curls

As someone with hip-length hair whose childhood Shirley Temple ringlets fell into softer curls over time, I can’t survive without a satin pillowcase. And Slip’s silk pillowcases are at the top of my wish list this year. They’ve got the best silk pillowcases on the market, and I desperately want to upgrade my average satin number for one of these.-Megan, Writer & Historian

This Affordable Carry-On Is My Favorite Travel Item

Whether you’re taking full advantage of your weekends off to jet-set around the globe or you’re racking up frequent flyer miles for your job, you’ve got to be able to rely on a solid suitcase. My top pick is Samsonite’s Freeform luggage set. This historic brand is all about durability, and mine has survived many trips with nary a scratch.-Megan, Writer & Historian

This Label Maker Is Compact and Cute

I think everyone needs a label maker in their life, actually, but especially someone like me, who has both ADHD and a LOT of work to do. My brain power doesn't often extend to remembering what tools are for what, or what drawer I put what I need in, but that's where this label maker comes in handy. It's easy to set up on your smart phone, print out a label, and slap that sticker on where you need it. Easy peasy.- Claudia, Senior Brand Copywriter

This Automatic Mug Warmer Keeps Your Coffee Hot for Hours

I don't think I have ever finished a cup of coffee, tea, or sippable soup at a comfortable temperature. Read: Not ice cold. I've switched to enjoying my hot beverages in an insulated mug, but that keeps them so hot that I can't actually drink them for so long. Maybe it's time I finally bought a mug warmer this year.- Allison, Writer & Mixologist

These Moleskin Notebooks Are My Tried-And-True Favorites

This brand of notebooks is my favorite. I fell in love with Moleskin notebooks when I was in college, and as I transitioned into the working world, I knew that these were the only planners for me. I like that they are sturdy, clean and come in a ton of different colors.- Becca, Commerce Editor

This Bath Caddy Helps Me Relax at Night

My best friend’s nighttime routine is #goals. They have a relaxing bath every single night before bed, and I was honestly shocked when I learned they didn’t have any bath accessories. So, of course, I had to get them some for Christmas last year. They love how it can expand to fit any bathtub size and has a convenient little tablet holder for reading or TikTok scrolling.- Saleema, Writer & Registered Veterinary Technician

This Garmet Steamer Works Wonders on Wrinkly Work Clothes

Every young professional on the game needs an afterwork hobby to look forward to and mine’s crocheting. You need steam to finish many crochet projects, and Conair’s ExtremeSteam handheld steamer has worked wonders. It’s super easy to use and works great on both clothes and crafts!-Megan, Writer & Historian

This Backpack Is the Perfect Travel Companion for Flights

It's chic. It's roomy. It holds everything I need to carry on a flight without me having to double-up with a personal item. Even for things outside of travel, this has been a useful little addition to my home and work life. My electronics and valuables make it anywhere without a single issue. Why did we stop using backpacks when school ended? We should normalize backpacks in adulthood, actually.- Claudia, Senior Brand Copywriter

This Ring Doorbell Keeps Me Updated While Working from Home

I'm planning to ask for a ring doorbell this year for the holidays. Working from home, it just makes sense to have a little more security and keep an eye on what's going on when we're gone. Everyone seems to have one of these, so I'm ready to jump on the bandwagon.-Casey, Assistant Editor & Librarian

These Hooks Were Made for My AirPods

I...don't know how else to say this, but my ears canals are slippery. I love listening to music and podcasts while working, and considering I'd already spent the money on AirPods, I couldn't justify making another expensive purchase. These little hook covers are SO nifty and they keep my AirPods in place for as long as the charge lasts.- Claudia, Senior Brand Copywriter

This Cleaning Kit Is a Necessity for Someone Who Uses Earbuds Everyday

This is such a simple little kit, but I use it religiously. It comes with different parts to help clean your computer screen, keyboard, mouse — you name it. As someone with two cats who shed like it's nobody's business, this comes in handy nearly every day when a stray cat hair has once again interrupted my mouse's performance. The irony does not escape me.- Claudia, Senior Brand Copywriter

This Portable Desk Monitor Came With Me on a Summer Girls Trip

I love this Portable Desk monitor for traveling. This seamlessly attaches to my laptop so that I can have two screens while working outside of the office. It has made traveling for work 10x easier.- Zelda, HR Manager

This Desk Chair Is So Good I've Bought It Twice

The office chair I recommend to everyone! I'll let my fiancé take the credit for this one, since he got me hooked onto this ergonomic desk chair. It's not the most beautiful piece of furniture you've seen, but it has been a crucial part of my work day ever since I bought it. It keeps my body feeling great while I work.- Becca, Commerce Editor

This Card Game Helps Me Relax After Work

Games are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is as much fun to play as it is to say and super easy to learn. Plus, it’s great for an adults-only game night or a family-friendly event.- Saleema, Writer & Registered Veterinary Technician

This Art Deco Clock Gives a Bit of Flair to My Workspace

As a mid-century historian, I compulsively collect iconic pieces of the past. What better way to keep time than the delightful Art Deco Kit-Cat Klock? You can get them in a rainbow of colorways (I went with orange because it’s my favorite color) and special edition designs. Nothing fills the silence better than the delicate clacks of the kitty cat’s swishing tail.-Megan, Writer & Historian

This Typewriter Set Makes You Feel Like You're on the Clock

I love to decorate my office in ways that take a second to realize what you're looking at. And this LEGO typewriter was a fantastic build, especially during winter, and it sits on my bookshelf. Everyone who sees it goes, "Oh, wow! That's so neat a typewriter!" Until I point out it is so much more than that. It's a great decor and reminds me that I get to do what I love: write!- Allison, Writer & Mixologist

This Litter Box Is Automatic

A full-blown litter robot might not be in my budget just yet (and would be way too much to ask for a gift), but I wouldn't mind upgrading my cat's litter box to something like this that makes daily cleaning just a bit easier. And he'd probably love it, too!-Casey, Assistant Editor & Librarian

This Book Helps Me Find My Happiness

When you're deep into a project, it can be easy to lose sight of the why you started or to keep your chin up. I've read this book countless times, and if there was a Gretchen Rubin prayer candle I'd have one on my desk instead. But this book reminds me to take a step back and reframe without complicating.- Allison, Writer & Mixologist

This Coffee Maker Can Be Programmed to Start My Morning Early

Ever since I started dating my now husband, we haven't owned an automatic coffee pot. We've been living the Chemex and french press life for the past 8 years, but this year I convinced him it's time to get an automatic coffee pot that can make our coffee for us early in the AM to make it easier to get out of bed. This is the pot we chose so it could be somewhat similar to a pour over, and we both love it, and love how it looks.-Casey, Assistant Editor & Librarian

These Transparent Sticky Notes Let Me Add Information Anywhere

I'm a note person. I take so many, all of the time. And I did not expect to fall in love with these transparent sticky notes as hard as I have. I use my planner to make sure I'm writing in straight lines, and they're a great way to add to notes to a page that's already a bit busy without creating more chaos.- Allison, Writer & Mixologist

This Migraine Headband Has Saved My Life More Than Once

Migraines happen to me very often, especially as someone whose work involves staring at a computer screen for most of the day. These relief caps have been so helpful when the headaches are especially bad. Quick tip: Buy two, so you can switch one out for the other from the freezer quickly!- Claudia, Senior Brand Copywriter

This Telestrations Game Is Fun for Everyone

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life as the day my sister gave me Telestrations. It’s basically the Pictionary version of the iconic game, Telephone. You can play with anywhere from three to eight players, but the more, the better. Leave your drawing skills at the door and get ready to double over with laughter.- Saleema, Writer & Registered Veterinary Technician

This Casio Watch Is Sleek and Stylish

My fiancé works long hours, and often times cannot bring his phone out on the job. I got him this Casio watch for his birthday last year to use during the week and he loves it! Not only is it helpful for checking the time, but is a stylish addition to any of his work outfits.- Becca, Commerce Editor

These Noise Cancelling Headphone Keep Me Focused on Work Calls

Yes, these cost quite a bit but I have used them nearly every day for three years. They block out all sounds while I'm working (including my Roomba!) so when I need to buckle down and not be distracted, I can block out the world and crush my to-do list. Bonus: They block out all noise on an airplane so you can enjoy your music without any rumbles and chatting.- Allison, Writer & Mixologist

This Desk Fan Keeps Me Cool in the Summer Months

In the summer, I run warm. And while I do love my tower fan, I do not love how it sends everything flying. This little desk fan, however, fits under my monitor and I can aim it how I please. If I could bring this with me wherever I go, I would.- Allison, Writer & Mixologist

This Calf & Foot Massager Is the Gift I Never Knew I Needed

We got this as a Christmas gift last year, and both use it almost every day. Since we lead pretty active lifestyles, our feet appreciate the love. It has multiple massage settings plus a heat option, and gets your calves, too. I can't imagine not owning this in the future - it's worth the price!-Casey, Assistant Editor & Librarian

This Wireless Keyboard Holds My Tablet & Comes With a Mouse

I am incredibly picky about keyboards and their usability without having to press two or three buttons without making one thing happen. I can turn up my volume, pause, skip, or stop music with just one touch of a button. I can prop up my notepad in the holder or keep it there ready to go.- Allison, Writer & Mixologist

This Desk Organizer Makes Me Feel Like I'm in a Real Office

This is cute and functional. Saves me a lot of trips to my junk drawer, too. If I need a pen, I have a pen readily available to me. And there's no excuse to leave it lying around — it's as simple as dropping it back in its place. Same goes for any notebooks, sticky notes, or markers.- Claudia, Senior Brand Copywriter

This Electric Heater Gives Us Comfort While Looking Cozy

I've had this space heater since we bought our house and I use it almost every day! It helps create the cozy ambience I want (especially in the winter) and heats up my space pretty well for being so affordable! Even in the summer, I love turning on just the flame part with no heat. Would make the perfect addition to an at-home office, too!-Casey, Assistant Editor & Librarian

This Insulated Water Bottle Is Worth the Hype

Boy do I love this water bottle. I own the 24 oz and the 40 oz (prefer the 40, but sometimes it gets bulky if you're on-the-go). It keeps my water cold and I like that it has a straw option. They come in all sorts of fun color combinations and a lid that stays closed and pops open easily.-Casey, Assistant Editor & Librarian

This Set of Neutral Dishware Makes Me Feel Like I Have it All Together

All a girl wants is a set of plates. Plates that are shaped like bowls (or is it a bowl that's shaped like a plate?). This set comes in cute neutral colors. I don't know how else to say it, but these just make eating easier.-Casey, Assistant Editor & Librarian

This Walking Pad Keeps Me Active While Working from Home

I LOVE nature! I will not walk for five miles in it. To be fair, I'm from Texas, where it's hot 90% of the year — so this has been the perfect way to get my steps in before, during, or after work. It's also so easy to move, set up, AND I never have to look cute to use it. Gremlin walking mode: activated.- Claudia, Senior Brand Copywriter

This Mug Warmer Turns Off Automatically

How many times do I microwave my coffee in a day? Too many to continue to live like this. I have been thinking about getting a mug warmer like this one to keep at my desk so I don't have to keep running downstairs to warm my coffee up, because luke warm coffee is absolutely not it.-Casey, Assistant Editor & Librarian

These AirPods Are My WFH Best Friend

If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that Apple has made some misses over the years. Newer AirPod generations slip right out of my ears, but the original shape is perfect for keeping me up-to-date on podcasts and playlists. I listen to music the entire time I work, so a good pair of headphones is a must!-Megan, Writer & Historian

These Combat Boots Are Perfect Year-Round

My husband made all of my childhood 90s grunge dreams come true by gifting me a pair of Doc Martens, and they’re the wardrobe staple I never knew I needed. These boots are great year-round, although there is a bit of a break-in period. But after that, they wear like a dream.- Saleema, Writer & Registered Veterinary Technician

These Wine Glasses Are Perfect for Hosting

I'm slightly obsessed with this gorgeous colored wine glass set. These would look so cute on display and would be awesome at parties so you don't have to keep track of whose glass is whose. I might have to get rid of some of my current ones just to make room for these, though.-Casey, Assistant Editor & Librarian

This Cute Plush Toy Was a Gift From a Friend

This silly little fox plushy was a gift from a friend who a) knows about my love of foxes and b) knows how bad I am at communicating my feelings. Thus, now this little guy lives on my desk, and when something is frustrating, I simply turn him into his angry self. And vice versa. A great outlet. We can just scowl at each other instead of giving into our anger.- Claudia, Senior Brand Copywriter

This Stylish Office Chair Is Actually Supportive

If you’ve got a chiropractor on speed dial, then you’ve got to get the Realspace Modern Comfort Verismo chair. It’s a stylish mid-price office chair that doesn’t skimp on support. You’re never too young to give yourself or your friends the gift of healthy joints.-Megan, Writer & Historian

These UGGs Are My Favorite WFH Shoes

If you're like me and you work from home, you know how crucial it is to have a cozy wardrobe full of fuzzy fabrics and warm shoes. These UGGs are a staple closet item - that work well especially while I'm at home!- Becca, Commerce Editor

These are the Best Pencils I've Ever Used - No Lie!

Usually, I abhor pencils, but Palomino’s Blackwing Pearls are where it’s at! They’re modeled off of a massively popular vintage pencil from Eberhard Faber called the Blackwing 602 and are smoother than any other I’ve ever tried. And the ferrule eraser mechanism with replaceable eraser lets you use the pencil all the way to the nib.-Megan, Writer & Historian

This Desk Riser Was One of My Best Purchases This Year

When you’re working from home, stretching your legs is an absolute must. Instead of forking over a ton of money for a standing desk, I bought Flexispot’s standing desk converter. Although it’s a bit on the heavy side (so it’s a semi-permanent desk addition), it’s super easy to lift and lower, and it’s spacious enough for a laptop, mouse, and more.-Megan, Writer & Historian

These Pouches Keep All of My Tiny Necessities in Place

These pouches help me store all of my little things. I use these pouches to organize my work purse, my travel bags and even keep a few in my desk drawer to keep cords in place.- Zelda, HR Manager