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A new home is such an exciting thing. It's a fresh start, an opportunity to assess the old and make room for the new. It's also a lot of hard work! Packing up and hauling everything from one location to the next, arranging furniture and decor, organizing all the little bits and bobs a person accumulates. The process of moving can be so daunting that the successful completion of the task really is worth celebrating.

My personal philosophy with housewarming gifts is that they can be beautiful or useful. You can't go wrong with a bottle of wine or some flowers, but a present that they can use again and again becomes part of the fabric of their new home and their new life in it. 

If a friend or loved one has recently made a big move, whether it's as a first time homeowner or even just a new lease on a different apartment, help them settle in with a gift that says, "Welcome Home." Here are ten gift ideas to inspire you. 

These gorgeous placemats are a housewarming gift that will make them smile every time they set the table. Made from soft 100% European stone-washed linen, they are double-layered for durability and available in sets from two to 12.Choose from one of 20 vibrant colors or mix and match to create a custom palette that matches the giftee's decor. These mats are rectangular, measuring 14 by 18 inches, but there's also a round version available in 15 or 17 inch diameters.
Upgrade their old salt and pepper shakers with a pair of stunning spice cellars. Handmade from natural stone, each set is unique and beautiful in its marbling and the space saving stackable design means you won't have to sacrifice style for function.
One gift I love to give friends who have just moved is a mini tool kit like this one from Uncommon Goods. It's got all the basics necessary for small repairs neatly stored in a handy zippered case for easy storage.Tools included are a hammer, a pair of needle-nosed pliers, a retractable measuring tape, an LED flashlight, a slot screwdriver, and more!
A bottle of wine needs some time to breathe to fully develop its flavor before being drunk. However, if your friends are anything like mine, impatience sometimes gets the best of them!Enter: this clever gadget. The Aervana fits onto any standard-sized wine bottle and uses a tube-and-tap system to instantly oxygenate the liquid inside as it dispenses. It's simple to assemble, easy to clean, and even comes with a display stand to keep all the parts together.
If their new home comes with extra space for entertaining, get their game night collection started with this trio of classics! Each book-shaped box is thoughtfully designed to fit the board and all accessories for their respective games right inside, while being attractive enough to display.If they love this collection, Amazon has ten other bookshelf-style games like Yahtzee, Catchphrase, and Mystery Date for future gifting oppotunities!
Fresh herbs are gourmet game changers, but not everyone has the outdoor space to plant a garden, and some don't even have a decent window to set seedlings in!The AeroGarden hydroponic growing system eliminates the need for both soil and natural sunlight with its patented seed pods and LED grow light. With its compact size, it will fit on even the smallest of countertops, and the easy-to-read control panel tells the user exactly when to add plant food and water. Genius!
Scented candles are classic housewarming gifts for a reason. Their pleasant aroma and gentle glow make any space homier. La Jolie Muse's Amélie line of scented candles would be nice enough to give for the jar alone, but as luck would have it, they also smell divine.Woody Jasmine is a fresh blend of florals like jasmine, gardenia, and violet with a bright, citrusy pop of grapefruit, all sitting on a base of woody musk. The natural, vegan wax and lead-free cotton wick provide 70 to 80 hours of clean burn time.
This bar tool set from Arhaus is both functional and beautifully decorative. The four-piece set includes a bottle opener, a bar spoon, a peg measurer, and a strainer, all with a stunning brass finish. A gorgeous marble holder completes the look.
Comemmorate the exact location of their new home (or any other place that's special to them) with this custom serving tray. Handmade in Rhode Island out of mangowood, it measures 13.5 inches across and features a vintage-style map image of the three square miles surrounding the point of interest of your choosing.
A cozy fringed throw blanket is always a welcome gift and instantly makes a new space feel homey and comforting. This knit blanket is soft and lightweight, yet toasty - perfect for all seasons. Available in two sizes and 18 colors, options abound!