12 Best Wooden Wick Candles for the Perfect Ambient Crackle

Published July 19, 2022
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Just when you thought the candle game could not get any stronger, we're here to introduce you to the world of wooden wick candles. Candles are a vital component of any relaxing moment, and the only thing that could top lighting one up is an actual fireplace. Well, what if I said you could turn your bedroom into a fireside fantasy without the bother of safety buckets and pokers? Trust me, once you hear that gentle crackle, your entire candle collection will begin to gather dust to make room for wooden wicks and wooden wicks only.

At the end of the day, a candle serves as peak self-care for me. Nothing quite relaxes and settles my soul like the sound of lighting a candle and the warm glow it adds to my room. It doesn't get any better… until you add in the sound of a crackling fire without the hassle or price point of a fireplace. Wooden wick Candles are simply elite when it comes to setting the vibe. They don't need to be trimmed to avoid that black soot rim and offer a clean-longlasting burn. With the added bonus of taking the typical relaxing properties of a candle and amplifying them by adding in a fireside feel that you cannot match.


Type of Wax: The type of wax your candle is made of is important for all candles, but especially wooden wick candles. Depending on your preference, your options are synthetic waxes such as paraffin which tend to throw fragrance exceptionally well but they do tend to have a smokier burn. However, with soy, beeswax, or coconut wax candles you can get a cleaner burn with a slightly less intense scent.

Scent: Regardless of the wick, the scent of your candle is the most important element. Wooden wick candles give an extra crackling earthy vibe, so you may find yourself leaning to deeper fragrances such as oud or fireside to really complement it. But don't worry, you can also find your usual favorite scent, whether fruity or floral, in wooden wick form.

Crackling: Of course, the major selling point of a wooden wick candle is the crackling sound effect it gives. The type of wooden wick candle you opt for can dictate how intense of a crackling you'll get. We have a variety listed below, but generally the wider the wick the louder the crackle.

Wooden wick candles are all about giving that fireside feel, so naturally this list wouldn't be complete without this Craft & Kin Store Wood Wick Candle in the scent Fireside. This apothecary jar premium soy wax candle offers a non-toxic and long-lasting burn. The fireside scent consists of cedar, smoke, patchouli, and vetiver that complement that crackling wooden wick.


Owned by Yankee Candle Company, WoodWick Candles is the pioneer of wooden wick candles and they've earned that title for a reason. This oval jar WoodWick Trilogy Hearthwick Candle offers a wider wooden wick that gives an intense crackle. The trilogy candle comes with three layers of Cafe Sweets fragrances. Opening their popular vanilla bean scent, the candle then burns into a sweet caramel scent, finished off with a biscotti to complement the rest of the complete dessert experience.

Since that wooden wick crackle of a fireplace gives a sensual feel, your scent certainly should too. This CLCo. Wood Wick candle in Jasmine Oud is as sophisticatedly sensual as it sounds. The depth of the fragrance is complete one of a kind, formulated with notes of pineapple leaf, night-blooming jasmine, soft sandalwood, violet, rose petals, and vetiver you'll never find anything quite like it. A big bonus is that this large candle offers 90 hours of burning time!

A wooden wicked candle is already a unique purchase, but Eorish Candles took things one step further by infusing their natural soy wax candle with crystals to give it some healing properties. This Juniper Lavender candle is perfect for you if you're into meditation and holistic rituals. The crackle of the wooden wick's relaxing abilities is only further enhanced by the healing crystals that you can pop out and hold onto once you burn through it after its 50 hours of burning time.


Wooden wick candles make for a great gift, and this Make Life Exclusive Store Men's Cologne candle is the perfect gift -- either for a special man in your life or for yourself to fill your space with that delicious men's cologne fragrance! Amber and sandalwood give this 100% natural soy wax candle a masculine, deep scent that's perfect for the evenings. The woodsy vibe it gives is especially ideal with the crackle of its wooden wick.

This Benevolence LA Store candle isn't only popular for its beautiful reflective metallic rose gold packaging, but Eucalyptus Orange offers a unique twist of fragrance. The soy wax candle is infused with eucalyptus and orange essential oils that offer a therapeutic and relaxing spa-like scent. This candle is free from toxins, paraffin, and harmful residues and offers a clean burn for 45 hours. You can also feel good purchasing this one because, for every candle sold, Benevolence LA Store will make a donation to their charity partner Zoe International! A candle for a cause.

If you're big on all-natural wholesome purchases, this completely unique Cocobowlco Coconut Shell Candle is the one for you. This isn't a gimmick, the candle actually comes in a real coconut shell filled with a coconut-soy wax completed with a crackling wooden wick. You can select from 3 natural fragrances of either cinnamon, vanilla, or coconut to match the vibe. The best part is, that you can hang on to this real coconut shell after the 45 hours of burning time runs up and use it to store trinkets or for potpourri to keep the yummy scents going.


The crackle of a wooden wick candle is intense, but imagine having three going at the same time? This Aromeo Secret Garden Floral Candle set of three is perfect for gift-giving. The three mini candles come in the scents vanilla, rose, and lavender. Burning the three of them at the same time can give you a unique scent that transforms your space into a secret garden, and gives you three times the crackle.

What can we say, WoodWick's Trilogy candles are the candles so nice we had to list them twice. This smaller sized hourglass Trilogy candle comes in the scent Autumn Comfort -- fall is always my personal favorite time to light a candle and this one captures all of my favorite fall scents in one. The first layer features a warming Sonoma Sunset scent, followed by the sweetness of pumpkin butter, and of course, a fall candle wouldn't be complete without the cinnamony deliciousness of an apple crisp scent. This WoodWick candle doesn't just look like autumn in a jar, it smells like it too.

Wooden wick candles work to give the illusion and vibe of an outdoor fireplace, so if you're looking to take your wooden wick candle outside with you then this is the pick for you. Chloefu Lan Store's Citronella Candle is a natural soy wax candle formulated with citronella that is perfect for the outdoors as it repels bugs and insects. Combined with a lemongrass essential oil this wood wicked candle will give your outside space some citrusy freshness along with a crackling bonfire feel.


Wax & Wick's Soy Wax Candle in the scent Bergamot Summit consists of such a uniquely sensual combination of scents that build the perfect ambiance for its wooden wick crackle. Using notes of bergamot, sage, and tonka this candle achieves a fresh woodsy scent that lasts for a clean 60 hours of burning time. The combination is truly uniquely sophisticated.

Now that you've got all the wooden wick crackle you could ask for, why not throw in a little extra something? Jackpot Candles had the right idea with this Mermaid Day Dream candle that smells of a fruity fresh combination of lemongrass, bergamot, and grapefruit. But that's not the main selling point, nor is the crackling wooden wick. Each candle comes with a surprise piece of jewelry inside at the end of your candle. This would be a perfect gift to give your candle-loving friend -- or treat yourself to a little something other than a pretty jar to repurpose once your candle burns through!

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12 Best Wooden Wick Candles for the Perfect Ambient Crackle