A composition of Amazon products, shorts, silicone face patches, coffee pouch, and collapsable color boxes

Hi, I’m Allison — skincare enthusiast, Bravoholic, and thirty-something homebody and Amazon addict. 

I’ve always preferred a night at home over going out, but transitioning to a full-time remote job last year took it to the next level. Do I love working from home? Yes. Do I usually work with a sheet mask and my favorite candle burning? Absolutely. It’s a delicate work/self-care balance, and after a few tweaks, I’m more productive and less stressed than ever. I attribute most of this to a spot-on Amazon algorithm, subscriptions, and other repeat purchases.

So whether you’re looking for ways to destress and recharge or just aiming to add some amazing products to your rotation, check out my all-time favorite Amazon purchases: some I’ve re-added to my cart countless times, and other one-and-done purchases I swear by and use daily.

This At-Home Color Gloss = Instant Confidence Boost

If I could go to the salon every week, I would. But this conditioning color gloss is the next best thing. Each bottle has enough for about 2-3 treatments (2 treatments for long hair) and works within 10 minutes to keep my hair shiny and hydrated.

Every Morning Starts With This Lavender Matcha Mix

I’m trying to transition from coffee to matcha every morning, and I’m so glad the Amazon algorithm had my back on this one. It feels more like a treat than anything, but it’s keeping me from drinking a pot of coffee every morning, so it’s still a delicious win. (Pro tip: get a hand frother — it’s a game-changer.)

These Magnetic Shelves Remind Me to Take My Vitamins

Our kitchen storage situation is pretty bleak, so we’ve had to get a little creative with all of our cooking and pantry essentials. These magnetic shelves are strong enough to hold just about anything, but we keep our vitamins and supplements on the side of the fridge to save space (and remind us to take them every morning.)

My Favorite Way to Unwind: Playing BOTW, Hands Down

Part of the WFH struggle is maintaining a healthy separation between the home and office. This game is perhaps my favorite purchase of the past five years because it’s helped me do just that. When my brain needs a break, it’s challenging, comforting, and worth every single penny.

These Silicone Patches Are the Next Best Thing to Botox

I get minor Botox touchups a couple of times a year and reach for these silicone patches in between appointments. I wear them throughout the day to help prevent creasing and keep my skin hydrated, and I've noticed a smoother complexion within just a few weeks.

This Water Hydrates Hair in Just 8 Seconds

This awkward spring-summer season turns my hair into a frizzy mess, but this quick and easy micellar water has made a huge difference. The handy measuring guide on the back of the bottle ensures an even distribution of the product, and in just 8 seconds, my hair instantly feels glossier.

PSA: You’ll Want These Shorts In Every Color

Working remotely has benefits, and not wearing pants is one of them. I stumbled upon these shorts once I finally got out of that ‘wear pajamas every day’ phase. Let me tell you: after a week, I purchased them in five other colors. They’re thick, good quality, and I’m probably going to buy even more.

These Pilates Socks are Perfect for Every Workout

I’m entering my grandmillennial grippy sock era and loving every second of it, especially since I stumbled upon this cute crisscrossed style. They’re great for reformer classes, at-home workouts, and quality time on the couch.

This Cult-Favorite Hair Oil is Seriously Liquid Gold

When a stylist applied this gold oil onto my freshly trimmed ends, my life was forever changed. Yes, that’s a little dramatic, but that’s just how good this stuff is. It’s ultra-lightweight, doesn’t feel greasy, and even provides heat protection for up to 450°.

These Uplifting Bath Salts Leave My Skin Glowing

I’m a big fan of morning baths and go through a bag of these citrusy salts every week. The orange scent immediately wakes me up and lifts my spirits, and I love to add a bit of olive oil for a moisturizing boost.

This Lightweight Spray Saves My Hair From the Texas Humidity

I hate feeling like there’s a ton of product in my hair, but this spray feels so light that I don’t even notice it’s there. Well, besides the vast improvement in flyaways and frizz. Bonus: it doesn’t smell too perfumey like other hairsprays, either.

This Easy Remover Erases Gel Polish in a Flash

I love an at-home manicure, but the gel removal process — not so much. Fortunately, I finally found a product that removes gel polish without spending tons of time soaking my nails in acetone. Simply apply, wait a minute or so, and gently scrape away.

This Redness-Relieving Serum Instantly Soothes My Sensitive Skin

I have mild rosacea, and once I start overheating, my face stays red all day. This natural serum has made a world of difference in calming my flushed complexion, and it doesn’t feel sticky when I layer it with my sunscreen. It's definitely a summer must-have.

This Limoncello Candle is Summer in a Vessel

I’ve been a big Boy Smells fan for some time, and this Italian Kush candle has pushed my love to its limit. It’s the perfect combination of bright, earthy, and woodsy — I don’t know how they do it, but never change, Boy Smells. Never change.

This White Noise Fan Tops All Other Noise Machines

I too have fallen prey to the bedside table pics with the cute sunrise lamps and whatnot, but there’s something about this simple white noise machine that does it for me. First, it’s an actual fan so it’s not fake static noise and you can simply turn it to adjust the pitch. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

This Skin-Loving Natural Oil Does It All

I love a multi-tasking product, and this is one that I keep buying over and over again. It’s made with a blend of fruit seed oils and absorbs into dry skin and hair in a flash with zero greasy feel. It also doesn’t hurt that the packaging is gorgeous.

These Korean Dish Scrubbers Make Chores 10x More Fun

Do I need to trick myself into doing the dishes with fun little fruity scrubbers? Yes. Is this method effective? Also yes. Whether you’re in the same boat or searching for a fun, quirky housewarming gift, you really can’t go wrong with these.

These Colorful Bins Keep Life Organized

An ADHD organizational hack that genuinely changed my life: bins. Allllll the bins. Once I found cute little boxes like these, well, let’s just say our skincare shelf, office, kitchen, and everywhere else remain in tidy, tip-top shape.

I Will Never Ever Stop Using This Dry Conditioner

I received a sample of this lightweight dry conditioner in a subscription box years ago and ordered it after spraying it once — that’s how good it is. It recreates that super soft ‘just washed’ feeling (even on second and third-day hair), and the scent is almost too delicious. If you want endless compliments, use it.

I Keep This Bougie Hand Soap Stocked at All Times

This Neroli hand soap smells heavenly and is formulated with finely milled pumice to buff away dryness and lock in moisture. If you apply self-tanner and want something to leave your hands feeling extra clean, this soap is for you.