The Hype Factor: Viral Anthropologie Mirror Versus Amazon's Affordable Alternative

Which stunning gilded mirror really lives up to the hype?

Published August 22, 2023
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Allow me to state the obvious: everything costs too much these days. Gas? Expensive. Groceries? Way too expensive. Simply living your life costs more than it used to, so it’s important to consider your purchases from all angles before you take the plunge.

Welcome to the Hype Factor 

The Hype Factor is a Maven series where we test two products, the Real Thing and the Inexpensive Double, to determine which is worthy of your hard-earned dollar. 

Deciding whether to invest in a high-end item or go for the less budget-blowing option can be tough, so let’s examine two similar products that fall into each category. In this article, our luxury item is a much obsessed-over statement mirror from Anthropologie that social media influencers can’t stop gushing about. The affordable alternative is from everyone’s favorite online superstore: Amazon.



Here it is: the viral Anthropologie mirror that influencers love and bank accounts hate. It’s even a favorite among celebs and was featured in Shay Mitchell’s Architectural Digest home tour.

So what makes it so special? For one, it’s crafted by hand, making each mirror unique. Exquisite, vintage-inspired details add to the romantic aesthetic, and the ornate floral accents combined with the gleaming gold color create a piece that’s glamorous without being too showy about it. It’s no wonder that this mirror is Anthro’s best-selling style of all time.

While it ranges in price from $548 to $1,598, this is truly one of those investment pieces that you’ll be passing down to generations.


With an antiqued gold finish, classic arched shape, and ornate flourish details, this Kate and Laurel Arendahl Traditional Arch Mirror from Amazon delivers the same opulent aesthetic as the Gleaming Primrose, but at a fraction of the price.

Several reviewers compare it to the Anthropologie mirror, including this ringing endorsement: “It’s so nice! It’s heavy and sturdy (not chintzy) and looks great in my living room. The flourish on top is tasteful, and the antique gold color really does make it look vintage.”

Available in black, bronze, silver, and white, along with the widely sought after gold finish, the price point on this pick ranges from a super reasonable $102 to $279. How's that for a steal? 

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The Hype Factor: Viral Anthropologie Mirror Versus Amazon's Affordable Alternative