Amazon Kitchen Items

Building your capsule kitchen collection is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially if you enjoy cooking. Making sure your kitchen is full of items that are both useful and practical is key - and Amazon is a fabulous one-stop shop when it comes to finding everything you need for your capsule kitchen collection.

We have just the products for you! Baking fresh bread at home is possible when you have an awesome silicone bread maker to use, and heating meat to the right temperature can be done with a digital meat thermometer. If you’re the type of person who hates thinking about germs while you’re in the middle of a recipe, we also have the perfect spoon holder to keep close by as you cook. With the help of these incredible gadgets and products, your kitchen will become a place you can wholeheartedly take pride in.

This Air Fryer is Wonderful For Reheating, Roasting, and Crisping

Whenever you’re excited to eat up some leftovers, you should have access to an air fryer to get the job done. Sometimes, heating your food in a microwave will leave it mushy and soggy. An air fryer will help your reheated food come out crispier and better.

These Wine Glass Clips Belongs in Your Dishwasher

It's time to start making sure your wine glasses will be safe when you wash them in your dishwasher. Without these wine glass clips, your wine glass may shatter while the dishwasher is running. You won't have to worry about washing your wine glasses by hand, either.

This Lettuce Shear Makes a Tedious Task Simple

Salad lovers everywhere are in luck. This lettuce shear is the perfect kitchen tool for cutting up the greens you're planning to mix into a tasty salad. If the edges of your lettuce are starting to turn brown, this lettuce shear will help you cut those pieces off with ease.

This Floor Mat is Used to Prevent Fatigue

This floor mat is used to help prevent feelings of fatigue when you step across it. This mat can be used in your office, kitchen, bathroom, and any other room that matters to you. The mat is fabulous because it offers a nonslip grip, it's durable, and it's stain resistant.

This Microwave Tool Uses Steaming Power to Clean

Using this microwave cleaner is a great way to simplify the cleaning process in your kitchen. It uses steaming power to release vinegar, lemon juice, and water to soften up any visible crud. This gadget quickly helps your microwave look brand-new again.

This Garbage Disposal Cleaner Eliminates Odors

This garbage disposal cleaner helps remove odor in your garbage disposal with its lemon zest scent. The coolest detail about this package is that there are 50 pods to use instead of 15 or fewer, which is a more common amount for this type of product.

This Ice Cube Tray Freezes 60 Pieces at Once

What’s the point of buying large bags of ice to keep your drinks cold when you can freeze your own ice cubes at home? This miniature ice cube tray comes with a lid to keep your ice as fresh as possible. You can freeze up to 60 ice cubes at a time.

This Jar Opener Saves Space on Your Countertop

Save tons of countertop space in your kitchen by installing this under-counter jar opener. Jar openers are so necessary to have on hand in case you have a tricky jar of food to open. That doesn't mean your jar opener should add clutter to the scene.

This Pickle Jar Comes With a Built-In Strainer

This pickle jar is a fabulous place to hold pickles if you want to throw out the jar they were sold in. This pickle jar is way nicer than most other options since it comes with a strainer to remove excess liquids. The lid seals in airtight freshness as well.

This Meat Shredder Keeps Your Hands Clean

Whether you're planning to cook taco salad or something else that calls for shredded meat, it's necessary to make sure the meat you're adding is properly shredded. This meat shredder will get you there! Plus, it comes with a cleaning brush and tongs.

These Rotation Utility Hooks Spin 360 Degrees

This two-pack of rotation utility hooks spins 360 degrees to showcase all your cooking tools and utensils. Any spoons and spatulas with loops can hang from these hooks in a cupboard or cabinet. These hooks will prevent your drawers from getting messy and crowded.

These Colorful Dishcloths Are Washable and Reusable

There's no need to spend money on paper towels that must always be restocked when you have these colorful dishcloths on hand. This colorful set of dishcloths is washable and reusable. Feel free to use them over and over around the house whenever necessary.

This Cabinet Organizer Provides Easy Access to Your Essentials

This cabinet organizer is one of the best items to add to your kitchen. It’s perfect for keeping your foil, plastic wrap, and other kitchen utensils organized. Instead of losing things you need inside messy drawers, use this instead. The organization it brings is beyond beneficial.

This Mop and Bucket Set is Great For Hard Floors

This mop and bucket set is exactly what you need if you have floors covered in wood, planks, or tile. It’s easy to keep hardwood floors clean when you have the right tools at your disposal. This mop and bucket set comes with three washable microfiber pads as well.

This Silicone Bread Maker is Simple and Effective

This silicone bread maker is perfect for people who love the idea of making their own bed at home. Instead of buying loaves of bread at the store, you can enjoy freshly baked bread for your sandwiches, paninis, and slices of breakfast toast.

This Digital Meat Thermometer is Every Chef's Best Friend

One of the biggest benefits that comes along with using this digital meat thermometer is that it has an LCD screen to read off exactly where the temperature of your meat lies. It’s also waterproof, which means any kitchen splashes that might take place won’t be a problem.

This Spoon Holder is For Dog Lovers Everywhere

Dog lovers everywhere can appreciate how adorable this spoon holder is. It should be placed on the counter near your pots and pans while you’re cooking food. This way, you'll never have to set your spoons down where they might come in contact with germs.

This Cabinet Stand is Fully Adjustable

It’s time to start keeping your saran wrap, boxed foil, and plastic bags in order. It’s easy for these items to create an appearance of messiness and clutter inside your kitchen cabinets. This adjustable cabinet stand is perfect for holding all of your necessary items.

This Vegetable Chopper Makes Cutting Produce Easier

Chopping your vegetables no longer has to feel like a risky task. This vegetable chopper will save your fingers from accidental cuts! Some of the vegetables you can chop in this device include onions, potatoes, and carrots. It can also be used to successfully cut fruit.

This Single-Serve Coffee Maker Saves Time and Money

This single-serve coffee maker is a total treat on busy mornings. You don’t have to worry about making an entire pot of coffee if you’re the only person who’s going to be drinking it. This single-serve coffee maker will save you money by keeping you away from coffee shops.

This Cotton Cheesecloth is Perfect For Straining

This cheesecloth is exactly what you need if you enjoy making ingredients for recipes from scratch. Sometimes, fresh cheese on a sandwich or plate of pasta tastes better than store-bought cheese you can purchase at the grocery store. The fabric is fabulous for chefs.

This Utensil Rest Has a Drip Pad

This utensil rest has a drip pad to keep your counter clean from spills. You can set your spoons, spatulas, and other cooking utensils on this utensil rest without worrying about any liquid ingredients dripping off. This device comes in multiple colors like black, white, pink, and blue.

This Snap-On Can Strainer Simplifies the Cooking Process

This snap-on can strainer is a great little gadget to have at home if you enjoy cooking. Attach it to the top of any canned food you're planning to eat when you're ready to get rid of excess fluids. This strainer works for cans of beans, cans of veggies, and anything else in your cupboard.

This Butter Spreader is Made of Stainless Steel

This butter spreader is made of stainless steel for easier spreadability. While its main purpose is for spreading butter, it can also be used to spread jamp, jelly, cream cheese, and other ingredients while you're cooking. It's simple, durable, and easy to use.

This Rubber-Lined Opener is For Opening Cans and Jars

This rubber-lined opener is for opening cans and jars that give you a hard time in the kitchen. Struggling to open cans and jars can be annoying and frustrating. This product will speed up the process of cooking your favorite recipes by resolving this issue.

This Fat Separator Holds Up to Four Cups of Liquid

This fat separator holds up to four cups of liquid while you're cooking things like gravy. When making gravy specifically, the stopper on top of this measurement cup will help trap flavor in while keeping fat residue out. The strainer catches unwanted bits that you don't want to consume in your gravy.

This Silicone Strainer Fits on Most Pots and Bowls

This silicone strainer fits on most of the pots and bowls you already own in your kitchen. When snapping this strainer onto your pots and bowls, it helps you get rid of excess liquids from the food you're trying to prepare. Without this strainer, dangerous splashes can occur.

This Cooking Oil Solidifier Will Prevent Sink Clogs

This cooking oil solidifier will prevent sink clogs since it helps you quickly harden the grease in your pots and pans. Instead of dumping liquified grease down the drain of your sink, use this solidifier instead so it can safely be thrown away into the garbage cab.

These Vegetable Scissors Make Cooking Easier

These vegetable scissors come in handy when cutting up your favorite veggies for the recipes you love most. Think about your favorite salad! If you need to chop up lettuce for the salad, using this pair of vegetable scissors will speed the process along.

This Sink Strainer is Great For Cooking Your Favorite Foods

This sink strainer is great for cooking your favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you boil something like noodles, the excess hot water can easily be removed using this sink strainer in a way that fully simplifies the process.

This Fridge Deodorizer Will Prevent Unwanted Smells

You should never be faced with terrible stenches when opening your fridge door. Fridges are meant to smell good since they're the appliances that hold all your food. This fridge deodorizer helps prevent unwanted smells by keeping everything smelling fresh and clean.

This Cord Organizer Belongs in Your Kitchen

This cord organizer is a great product to own if you're tired of dealing with tangled and messy cords all the time. Keeping your cords organized is easier to do with an organizer that allows you to fold everything over in clean0cut loops.

This Silicone Air Fryer Heats Up to 450 Degrees

This silicone air fryer can heat food to 450 degrees when you're ready to enjoy some breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Air fryers come in handy with crisping your food to perfection. They're much better than typical microwaves that leave your food super soggy.

These Washable Mats Are Ideal For Any Fridge

Give your fridge shelves the chance to stay as neat and clean as possible. These washable mats can be placed on each shelf inside your fridge to prevent spills from hardening on the clear plastic surfaces. When it's time to wash these mats, they can be pulled right out.

This Air Fryer Cheat Sheet is Fully Magnetic

Have you ever wondered how long you're supposed to cook certain foods inside an air fryer? This air fryer cheat sheet takes away all the guessing by making it easier to track down how many minutes are required for each food item. Best of all? It's fully magnetic.

This Cheese Grater Has a Garlic Crusher

This cheese grater is a fabulous addition to any kitchen since it gives cooks the chance to grate cheese to their liking. The best detail of all is this cheese grater also has a garlic crusher attached to it. You can handle multiple ingredients at one time with this device.

This 12-Piece Knife Set is Color Coded

This 12-piece knife set should be in your kitchen if you spend a lot of time chopping fruits, vegetables, meats, and other foods. Since these knives are color-coded, you can easily keep track of which knives are being used for different foods on your counter top or table.

This Silicone Sink Mat Holds Sponges and Soaps

This silicone sink mat belongs in your kitchen if you need extra space to hold your sponges and soap bottles. Countertops can get messy and jumbled in the kitchen if there isn't enough space for everything. This mat makes a difference when it comes to aesthetics.

This Fridge Deodorizer is Dolphin-Shaped

Dolphin lovers have every reason to rejoice! This fridge deodorizer is dolphin-shaped, which means fans of this sea creature will be pleased. This device keeps your fridge smelling fresh and clean with the use of typical baking soda to absorb odors.

This Meat Masher is Totally Heat Resistant

Make life easier for yourself when mashing meat for various recipes. This meat masher is 10 inches long and totally heat resistant. Don't worry about this gadget melting into your food if the meat is being cooked at a high temperature.

These Mug Organizers Are Great For Cabinet Storage

Do you have a massive mug collection you're proud of at home? If so, keeping your mugs safe and properly stored is super important. You'll save space in your kitchen and create a more stacked result with these mug organizers.

This Silicone Kitchen Tool Has Five Uses

This silicone kitchen tool has five uses to make a difference in your life as a cook or baker. Use this kitchen tool as a solid spoon, slotted spoon, regular spatula, food turner, or cutting tool.
Why put your hands at risk for burns when you can use these silicone hot pot holders? This set comes with five different hot pot holders in different colors. Use these to make sure your hands don't touch hot put handles.

This Dutch Oven Holds Up to Six Quarts of Food

You’ll enjoy cooking food so much more using a cast iron Dutch oven that you can purchase in your favorite color. This particular Dutch oven can be found in blue, green, purple, red, and a few other colors. It carries six quarts of food at a time!

These Baking Mats Are For Food Prep in the Kitchen

It’s high time to start preparing your food in style. These silicone baking mats come in packs of two with a beige and gray color scheme. The nonstick baking mats are fabulous when it comes to properly preparing the meals and desserts you love.

These Stainless Steel Bowls Are Easy to Clean

This five-pack of stainless steel mixing bowls is great for all the recipes you have in mind. Since the bowls are made out of stainless steel, they are super easy to clean. They’re also stackable, which means you’ll save tons of space in your cupboards or cabinets.

These Reusable Bags Are Wonderful For the Environment

These reusable produce bags are lightweight, washable, and see-through. The clarity means you can keep track of your produce as it sits in your fridge before you’re ready to eat it. Using these bags will eliminate your need for plastic bags that end up in the trash can.

These Tumbler Glasses Come in a Pack of Four

This four-pack of glass tumbler glasses is ideal for anyone who loves hosting parties and get-togethers at their home. These cups can be used for mixed drinks and cocktails with garnishes added on top. They can hold up to 16 ounces of liquid.

This Knife Block is Completely Magnetic

This knife block is amazing for a handful of reasons. The first reason? It’s totally magnetic! This means you’ll be able to easily see all the knives available to you. The second reason is that it’s aesthetically pleasing on any countertop.

This Whisk Wiper is Perfect For the Bakers of the World

This whisk wiper is one of the best gadgets you can have on hand in your kitchen. What better way to make sure your whisk is completely clean than using a device like this? It equally wipes every single part of your whisk in one swift movement.