Lorie Witkop


Lorie Witkop is a freelance writer from Michigan. With a degree in English, she relishes the research necessary to find the best in any field. As a former educator, she loves the chance to share these findings with others. She specializes in finding online resources for nearly any topic, but her first-hand expertise is in education.


  • High School Educator

Detailed Experience

Education Expertise

Lorie brings a variety of college experiences to the site. She first started her college career in a very traditional manner; she headed off to a large, four-year public university, lived in the dorms for three years, joined numerous students' organizations, and received a B.A. in English.

Lorie soon returned to school for professional development and an M.A. in Education, completing all of her work through an online degree program. She worked as a high school teacher for two years before leaving to pursue freelance work. Her education articles can also be found on Back2College.com.