Amy Finley


Amy Finley is an expert writer and editor with over 12 years of experience. She holds a Master of Arts in English and has expertise writing on a diverse range of subjects and industries, including many lifestyle topics.


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  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Educator


  • Cleveland State University: M.A. English with Honors

Certifications and Awards

  • Quinlivan-Burke Award


In addition to receiving her Master of Arts in English with honors, she is also an award-winning writer. She received the Quinlivan-Burke award for excellence in writing and has won poetry and fiction contests. Amy has over 12 years of experience writing and editing in a wide range of industries as well as being an expert in literary analysis.

She has experience with web content, business web copy, advertising materials, product descriptions, blog posts, research articles, newsletters, product reviews, landing pages, interviews and as well as proofreading resumes and creative writing. She has also written material for well-known companies such as and Ken’s Foods. In addition to her work for LoveToKnow, she has also written for top websites such as ConsumerAffairs and BestReviews. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.


For over a decade, Amy has been the Vice President of a small insulation business, and she knows firsthand the hard work it takes for a business to succeed. In this role, she manages the company website and its content, completes state and federal tax forms, facilitates advertising and promotions, as well as other duties as needed.

She has also done landing pages, blog posts, and a variety of other writing projects for a number of small and large businesses. Her past experience also includes working as a receptionist in a busy transcription office, so she understands how important customer service is to a business. Additionally, she has experience as an independent consultant as a freelance writer and editor.

Education and Homeschool

A certified long-term substitute teacher, Amy has experience teaching at all age levels. Her college coursework included developing a number of literature and other lesson plans. She is a homeschooling parent of four and as a Learning Coach has experience with homeschooling at all levels, from preschool through high school.

Kids and Teens

As a mother of four, she has firsthand experience with her own children, but she also has a wide range of experience with other children as well. As a teacher and school volunteer, she has worked with children of all ages. She has volunteered at many local school and community events, church programs, and more and has received recognition for her involvement. She also has taken coursework on child growth, development, and psychology.

As a substitute teacher, she has worked with teens in a variety of classroom settings. She also has experience parenting teens and was trained to help counsel struggling teens as a teen hotline volunteer.

An avid reader, Amy has also read dozens of books on children and parenting over the years and realizes the vast number of philosophies and challenges surrounding kids and teens growing up today.

Saving Money

A savings writer and former coupon and savings blogger for CouponSurf, Amy has experience discovering how and where you can find the best deals to help maximize your savings. She has researched and written articles, blog posts, and tips and tricks that help you save on everything from grocery purchases to appliances. An avid couponer and sale shopper herself, she also consistently saves 40 percent or more on groceries and household items by utilizing sales and coupons.


Amy has been volunteering for over 20 years and has experience in a wide range of volunteer roles. She has worked with community groups for food and toy drives, helped with holiday preparations for a boys’ home, volunteered for a program helping mentally-challenged individuals ride horses designed to improve self-esteem, volunteered for school literacy and STEM projects, and volunteered regularly in elementary classrooms. In addition, her volunteer roles have included senior visitation specialist by providing assistance and companionship for local seniors in nursing homes, their own homes, or independent living communities. As a teen hotline volunteer, trained to offer counseling, advice, or a listening ear to teens struggling with various issues. A cook and meal server at a Cleveland-area women’s shelter, a PTO chairperson and event coordinator, church nursery volunteer, Vacation Bible School leader, and children’s church group leader, specifically elementary ages.

Children’s Books

With her M.A. in English, Amy has in-depth knowledge of literature at many levels. Her experience as a homeschooling parent has further enhanced her knowledge of children's books, and she has also written plays and poetry based on popular children’s books.


A former high school thespian, Amy has experience working with costumes and props in a variety of settings, including community theater. She has also created a number of her own and kids’ DIY costumes for holidays and other events.


A camping enthusiast, Amy has experience with outdoor tent camping in a variety of settings, including the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in Montana. She has also traveled to many U.S. states via R.V. camping, so she can provide firsthand tips and tricks for making the most out of your experience.

Fashion, Style, and Beauty

A self-taught style expert who has read extensively about topics related to fashion, makeup, hair, and personal style, Amy has experience writing in a number of different style areas. These include writing style-related blog posts, interviews, and articles, creating detailed product descriptions and landing pages for beauty products, curating fashion collections with themes and descriptions, and developing savings-oriented retailer website pages.

Women’s fashion and beauty is a personal passion, especially as it pertains to women finding solutions that meet their personal style needs and budget. She has a strong desire to encourage women to have confidence and feel their best – that is what ultimately drives her interest in beauty and fashion.


A passion for photography led her to go beyond family snapshots. Amy has done prom photo shoots, local youth sports team individual and team pictures, action sports photos, and photo slideshows. In addition, she did a business photoshoot for a commercial truck wrap.

Health and Fitness

Co-founder of a local women’s fitness club in which women meet to exercise, support one another’s fitness goals, and motivate one another towards better health, Amy is passionate about healthy eating. She is also an avid supporter of local youth sports.


She has an incredible passion for cooking and recipes, especially in the areas of low-cost family-friendly meals and healthy low-calorie meals. From trying the latest recipes to creating her own, she’s constantly on a mission in the kitchen to create delicious, healthy meals.


In addition to a love of all things wedding-related, Amy planned her own wedding from start to finish. She has also assisted other people with their wedding plans, including DIY favors, flowers, hair, and makeup.


A former high school flag line member in which dance was used in the routines and to influence movements, Amy also has experience with dance at the college level.


A love of the outdoors, as well as healthy eating, has Amy managing a vegetable garden and berry bushes each year. She freezes and cans the produce.


In addition to creating and decorating themed cakes for family, Amy has also created customized cakes for local youth sports teams.