Amy Finley

Amy Finley

Amy Finley is a writer with over ten years of experience. She holds a Master of Arts in English and has expertise writing on a diverse range of subjects, including parenting, business, and style.


Amy is a certified general substitute teacher and long-term substitute teacher for language arts. She is also a mother to four children, active in the local PTO, and volunteers in local elementary school classrooms. She developed literature lesson plans for various age groups during graduate school and has experience with homeschooling.


In addition to being an honors graduate of a Master of Arts program in English, she is a freelance writer with experience writing web content, business website copy, product descriptions and newsletters. She also has experience proofreading resumes and creative writing. She received the Quinlivan Burke Award for excellence in writing.


As the web manager and tax assistant for Finley Insulation LTD, Amy knows what it takes to run a successful business. Amy is also in the process of becoming certified in inbound marketing.

Style and Beauty

A self-taught style expert, Amy has experience curating photo collections, writing product descriptions, and writing articles and interviews on a wide range of style and beauty topics. Women’s fashion and beauty is a personal passion, especially as it pertains to women finding solutions that meet their personal style needs and budget. She has a passion for encouraging women to have confidence and feel their best – that is what ultimately drives her interest in beauty and fashion.


A passion for photography led her to go beyond family snapshots. Amy has done prom photo shoots, local youth sports team individual and team pictures, action sports photos, and photo slideshows. In addition, she did a business photo shoot for a commercial truck wrap.


As a mother of four, she knows the business of parenting, from childbirth and breastfeeding to the heartbreak of teen dating. She also studied child growth and development as part of her college coursework.

Health and Fitness

Co-founder of a local women’s fitness club in which women meet to exercise, support one-another’s fitness goals, and motivate one another towards better health, Amy is passionate about healthy eating. She is also an avid supporter of local youth sports.


She has an incredible passion for cooking and recipes, especially in the areas of low-cost family-friendly meals and healthy low-calorie meals. From trying the latest recipes to creating her own, she’s constantly on a mission in the kitchen to create delicious, healthy meals.


As a former savings writer and coupon blogger for Coupon Surf, Amy has experience discovering how and where you can find the best deals to help maximize your savings. She has researched and written tips and tricks that help you save. An avid couponer and sale shopper herself, Amy also consistently saves 40 percent or more on groceries and household items by utilizing sales and coupons.


In addition to a love of all things wedding-related, Amy planned her own wedding from start to finish. She has also assisted other people with their wedding plans, including DIY favors, flowers, hair, and makeup.


A love of the outdoors, as well as healthy eating, has Amy managing a vegetable garden and berry bushes each year. She freezes and cans the produce.


In addition to creating and decorating themed cakes for family, Amy has also created customized cakes for local youth sports teams.

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