Betsy Gallup

Betsy Gallup

Betsy Gallup has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in management and accounting. She has 20 years of business experience, both in ecommerce and accounting for corporate and small businesses. She spent the first twenty years of her professional life as an accountant.

In addition to her financial side, Betsy has been cooking since she was five and was winning awards for her breads at county fairs by the time she was in her teens. She has had four semesters of Home Economics classes, which really did very little to prepare her for dealing with the real world challenges of cooking and caring for a family of five. She attributes what success she has experienced in the kitchen to her grandmother who taught her the value of experimentation and shopping on a budget.

During her freelance writing career, Betsy has written hundreds of articles from business and money to food and parenting.

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