Betsy Gallup


Betsy Gallup has a Bachelor of Science degree from Park University, majoring in management and accounting. She has 20 years of business experience, both in e-commerce and accounting for corporate and small businesses.




  • Accountant
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Author


  • Park University

Business and Finance Background

Betsy has spent over twenty years of her professional life as an accountant. As an Accounting Consultant at Needham & Associates, she is responsible for month-end accounting and reconciliation. She is also quite experienced with Quickbooks.

Writing and Editing Experience

As a former Group Editor with LoveToKnow, Betsy managed several topic channels where she wrote, edited, and was responsible for channel development. She is also a published author whose books include Psycho Psychic and Lord of the Rings: The Best Websites.

Keep Up With Betsy Gallup

During her freelance writing career, Betsy has written hundreds of articles from business and money to food and parenting. If you're interested in contacting her about her work, you can reach her via her LinkedIn page.