Deana Case


Deana Case is a freelance writer and has been a dog trainer for many years. When she isn't working with dogs, she enjoys time with her kids and writing about topics she's passionate about.

Detailed Experience

Dog Training Career

Deana is currently a Canine Behavior Consultant at Lifetime for Dogs. Her past dog-related experiences include serving as:

Deana attends professional conferences and seminars several times a year to keep her training knowledge current. She is also a member of VetVine.

Deana has been published in Dog and Kennel Magazine and The Pet Press. She has also appeared on MTV's The Newlyweds reality show on behalf of Husky Camp Siberian Husky Rescue.

Tarot Enthusiast

Deana has been a tarot and oracle card enthusiast most of her adult life. She loves writing about the history of Tarot and helping others understand the meanings of each card and how to read them.

Fascination With Tattoos

Deana is a huge ink enthusiast and enjoys writing about different tattoo styles and offering design ideas.

More About Deana

If you're interested in learning more about Deana, you can contact her via her page at LinkedIn.