Carrie Grosvenor

Carrie Grosvenor

Carrie Grosvenor is a freelance writer based in Ontario, Canada, specializing in entertainment, hobbies, and food. She has worked with LoveToKnow since 2008, and is currently the Managing Editor. 

Travel and Tourism

After graduating with her diploma in Travel and Tourism from Mohawk College, Carrie worked as a travel agent and ticketing agent for both corporate and public agencies. 

Recipes and Food Writing

Taught to cook and bake at a young age by her grandmother, Carrie has turned her love of cooking into a substantial part of her writing career. Her food writing credits include:

  • A monthly print magazine column called "Carrie's Kitchen Corner," which featured recipes with five ingredients or less
  • Feature writer for the Party Food topic at a popular website
  • Ghostwriter of two specialty cookbooks

Candles, Soap, and Other Crafts

Carrie enjoys making candles as well as cold-process and melt and pour soap. She has been selling her hand-made soap and candles, as well as a variety of other crafts, at local craft fairs for many years.

Television and Celebrities

Carrie is a television junkie and loves to share her opinions with others. She has been writing TV show recaps, commentary, and celebrity interviews for the web since 2000, notably with as their Guide to Game Shows.

She has appeared as a television expert on CBC's The National, CNN, The New York Daily News, Woman's World, AOL Morning Rush, GSN, and MSNBC, among others.

In addition to television writing, Carrie has contributed articles on celebrity gossip on numerous websites and blogs.

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