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Amy Hoover

Amy Hoover

Amy Hoover holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from The University of Iowa. Since graduating, Amy has worked in a variety of industries, giving her a multi-faceted background that helps her write and edit at LoveToKnow.

Event Planning and Coordination

During her years at the University, Amy interned in marketing at The Minnesota Renaissance Festival and helped coordinate the 2003 season. She also helped plan a fundraiser for a local public access television station. Later in life, Amy worked at a building center as an office assistant that gave her the opportunity to help coordinate special lunches and events.

Baking and Decorating Experience

Amy worked several years at the Danish Maid Bakery, helping customers in a retail setting, and decorating cookies. After leaving her position, Amy discovered she wanted to learn more about decorating and successfully completed Course 1 of The Wilton Method of Cake Decorating. She continues to be self-taught at home. Amy enjoys entering baking contests as well.

Interior Decorating and Home Improvement

Amy held a position as a retail clerk at a paint, wallpaper and flooring store, which exposed her to the basics of decorating. With her job as a building center office assistant, Amy acquired some fundamentals of the lumber, hardware, and building industry.

Writing Experience

In addition to writing and editing for LoveToKnow, Amy has also had the opportunity to work in writing-related positions over the years. This includes:

  • Press releases for The University of Iowa Museum of Art
  • Editing and writing for the Honors Newsletter at The University of Iowa
  • Ad design and writing for The Adair County Free Press

Personal Interests

When Amy is not working or writing, she enjoys reading, baking, saving money, watching movies, and organizing. She has even been known to take on an easy craft project or two in between caring for her family, traveling, and pinning sugary finds on her Pinterest board.






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