Susan Dorling

Susan Dorling

Susan Dorling lives and works in the rural countryside of Ontario, Canada. Educated at the University of Toronto, she is a freelance writer who writes about a wide variety of subjects including crafts, interior design, home improvements, animals, and others.

Home Improvement and Design

Susan was born with an eye for design and has a real passion for home improvement projects. She shares her years of experience in articles that offer tips and ideas to help others create their own ideal spaces. From painting paneling to replacing faucets and designing modular home interiors, she has plenty of advice and info to give.

Jewelry Maker

Over the years, Susan has enjoyed handcrafting jewelry. Susan is also the former editor of two websites about jewelry and gemstones at BellaOnline.

Animal Advocate

Susan is a champion for animals in need. Whether they are wild animals, domestic animals or household pets, she writes to inform others how they can help. You can learn more about her animal advocacy by visiting her at her website, Focus on Animals and on Twitter. You can also see a few of her wildlife photos, and learn about the raccoon she rehabbed, at Your Shot on National Geographic.

More About Susan Dorling

If you're interested in contacting Susan about writing opportunities, you can reach at Constant Content.

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