Shelley Frost

Shelley Frost

Shelley Frost holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and Teaching from the University of Northern Iowa. She spent four years in the education field before transitioning to a freelance writing career.

Teaching Experience

Shelley's teaching experience includes classroom teaching, individual tutoring, and managing an educational after-school program at an elementary school. Shelley is passionate about hands-on learning experiences for children and feels that learning should take place in the real world.

Cake Decorator

Shelley also has a passion for baking. She took a cake decorating class after her first child was born and she quickly fell in love with the hobby. She continued perfecting her skill and enjoys baking and decorating cakes for all family occasions.

Connect With Shelley Frost

Shelley is always looking for new writing opportunities. If you're interested in her services, you can contact her on LinkedIn.

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Shelley Frost