Meg Fitzpatrick

Meg Fitzpatrick is a freelance writer who has an undergraduate degree from St. Joseph's University in English, a Master's degree in Education from the College of New Jersey, and ten years teaching experience in the public school system.

Teaching Experience

 Meg is a certified K-8 teacher in the state of New Jersey. During her tenure in the Lawrence Township School District, Meg coached an Odyssey of the Mind team, developed and piloted an integrated language arts program in her school, and was featured in Instructor Magazine for her innovative use of computers in the classroom. Meg taught both regular education and gifted and talented classes, and she excelled particularly as a writing teacher.

Personal Life and Interests

Meg left the classroom when her second child was born and has since turned her creative energy toward parenting and freelance writing. In her free time (stop laughing!) she loves to read, write poetry, and plug away at her first novel.

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