Donna Sundblad


As a baby boomer, Donna Sundblad lives an active lifestyle with varied interests. She has worked in corporate America, been a small business owner and enjoyed a career in Real Estate. Donna has retired to Georgia where she loves life as a wife, mother, grandmother, a professional freelance writer and author of fantasy novels and non-fiction.

Detailed Experience

Fiction and Non-Fiction Author

Donna is the author of several books, including:

  • Pumping Your Muse, a non-fiction book to help other writers use their imaginations to create their own works of fiction
  • Windwalker, a fantasy novel about the Stygian race
  • Beyond the Fifth Gate, a science fiction novel about a young girl who must free herself from her enslavement by an insectoid race
  • The Inheritance, another work of fiction written in the tradition of Pilgrim's Progress.

Other Interests

Donna believes in living on a budget and challenges herself with goals each year. While she strives to eat healthy and to maintain a regular exercise routine, she also understands the importance of taking time to enjoy each day. Along with writing and editing, she also loves gardening and spending time with family.

More About Donna Sundblad

You can learn more about Donna at LinkedIn.