Tess Jones


Tess is a former freelance writer based in Seattle, WA. She has written print and online articles, copy for websites, marketing materials, and feature-film screenplays. Her diverse background and education lends itself to writing on a variety of topics.




  • Yoga Instructor
  • Senior Producer for Microsoft


  • NYU: Filmmaking
  • UCLA: Screenwriting

Detailed Experience

Yoga Instructor

Tess Jones, RYT, teaches flow and hatha yoga. She encourages modifying poses to meet the student and has taught both beginner and experienced yogis. There are many styles of yoga, and she believes different styles and teachers fit different students. She has practiced yoga since 2002 and enjoys trying new styles and classes on a regular basis.

Tess practiced yoga while she was pregnant and now teaches partner prenatal yoga workshops as well as postnatal classes to new moms.

Movies, Games and Technology Expertise

Tess loves movies! She worked for nine years at major entertainment corporations making films and video games. She holds a filmmaking degree from NYU and a screenwriting degree from UCLA.

Travel Aficionado

In college Tess studied abroad in Paris and Prague, opening the door to a love of travel and adventure. She has lived in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Seattle. She adores trying new food and learning about people, commerce, and local traditions.

Food Experience

Tess grew up with an organic garden in her backyard and has a love of great food. A self-proclaimed amateur chef, Tess specializes in hiding vegetables in her child's food in surprising and delicious ways. After growing up in the Midwest, she has a particular fondness for comfort foods and now puts her own healthy spin on old recipes.

More About Tess Jones

These days, Tess works as a Senior Producer for Microsoft. If you'd like to learn more about her career, visit her at LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.