Valorie Delp


Valorie Delp is a freelance writer and topic expert from the Greater New York City area. She loves to write about her life experiences which span a variety of topics.


Public Speaking,Volunteerism,Family and Parenting


  • Homeschool and Science Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Grant Writer
  • French Instructor

Affiliations and Memberships

  • Science Olympiad

Detailed Experience

Homeschooling Consultant

Marrying her first two passions in life - her children and education - Valorie has been homeschooling her five children for almost two decades. She has successfully launched one to college and has four more in middle and high school. Valorie also actively participates in the local homeschooling community, offering her services as a:

  • Teacher
  • Curriculum advisor
  • General educational consultant

Home School Nonprofit Founder

A known public speaker in the local homeschooling community, Valorie started a nonprofit organization to serve homeschooling families through programming and resources. Under her leadership, the group has grown to be one of the largest homeschooling groups in the area. She recently started a business to help prep test-shy students for the SAT and ACT.

Children's Literature and Librarian Work

Valorie is also a children's librarian for her local library. Her favorite part about that job is getting to help children find that one book that they will love. In fact, she still actively reads children's literature just to stay current and know what is popular.

Science Educator

For years, Valorie has been teaching STEM topics. She has taught elementary science, ran her local science fairs for years, and has even taken on teaching biology and chemistry labs for homeschooled high school students. Currently, she works on STEAM programming at her library and is teaching kids:

  • Physical science
  • Robotics
  • Scratch programming

There isn't a topic Valorie won't tackle - especially if she knows it will get kids excited about doing science. Most recently, however, she has started coaching teams for the local Science Olympiad.

Charity Grant Writer

During Valorie's off hours, she actively volunteers in the community. While her volunteering is extensive - from soup kitchens to youth group, to literacy programs - it's her work as a grant writer that has really been most fulfilling. Being able to communicate the passion of an organization that wants to help people, to an organization that has the means to help people, is very rewarding.

Kids and Teens Expertise

All of her adult life, Valorie has worked with kids and teens. Her experiences are wide and varied from teaching high school level science classes, to running an after-school program in the inner city. As a school employee, she has:

  • Written and evaluated curriculum
  • Put together grade-level reading lists
  • Developed strategies for more effective teaching

After-School Program Director

She directed an after-school program in the inner city for nine years, until the demands of family life pulled her away. As both a former teacher and a parent, Valorie writes with a unique perspective that offers well-grounded and pragmatic advice.


Before children, Valorie's first passion was French literature. She is fluent and currently holds a Bachelor's degree in French, having spent a substantial portion of her time working through great French writers including Hugo, Balzac, Flaubert, and Beckett. She also worked as a beginning French instructor.

Party and Food Expertise

Valorie began cooking as a teenager. What began as a challenge to make an angel food cake, ended up being a lifelong passion. Since those early days, Valorie has catered many parties, showers, and banquets and has donated her talents to an annual bake sale to help raise money for educational supplies for schools in the inner city.

Lactation Counselor

Having breastfed all five of her children (which include a set of twins), Valorie went on to counsel and help many other moms in informal mothers' groups on having a successful breastfeeding relationship. While her days of breastfeeding are well behind her, she still offers her services as a lactation counselor on occasion and is an active advocate for breastfeeding-friendly spaces. She has also blogged about breastfeeding for

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