Cassie Damewood

Cassie Damewood is a San Francisco Bay area freelance writer who attended Miami University from 1970 through 1974. She writes about many topics, but she specializes in food and beverages.

Cooking Enthusiast

Cassie is passionate about cooking, and she loves sharing recipes, especially if they're for her favorite gourmet foods. She has written about cooking for numerous websites, including:

Cassie is also the co-author of The Best Thing...Recipes Too Good To Toss & Too Memorable Not To Share which is available at

Wine and Cocktails Aficionado

Cassie loves a glass of fine wine as much as she enjoys mixing a wide variety of cocktails. In addition to her work at LoveToKnow, she has written about drinks at Paste Magazine.

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If you'd like to learn more about Cassie's work history or discuss a writing project with her, you can connect with her via her profile on LinkedIn.

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