Jodee Redmond


Jodee Redmond has been working as a freelance writer for nearly 20 years. She discovered her love of the written word at a young age, but the road to turning it into a career was a long and winding one. The lessons learned along the way have proven invaluable in her work as a writer.


Published Author,Monthly Columnist,Legal Expert,Safety Specialist,Parenting Experience


  • Centennial College in Toronto: Diploma in Office Administration - Legal Secretarial

Freelance Writing Career

Jodee has written on a number of topics during her career and has over 3,500 articles to her credit. She is the author of "Missing But Not Lost: True Tales of the Paranormal" and has written a monthly column for The Hub, a community newspaper focused on reporting only positive news and opinions.

Jodee has also been a columnist at, where she focused on job search techniques for freelance writers and was the website's resident advice columnist with the popular "Ask Jodee" feature. A career highlight that Jodee is especially proud of was being a guest lecturer at the University of Western Ontario on the subject of freelance writing.

Jodee is a graduate of Centennial College in Toronto, where she majored in Office Administration - Legal Secretarial. After graduation, she was hired by Blake, Cassels & Graydon, which at the time was the largest law firm in Canada. Jodee worked as a legal assistant for eight years and gained experience in litigation, labor relations work, and family law during her career.

Family and Safety

Jodee is also a parent. She is the very proud mother of two beautiful daughters, one of whom has special needs. She understands that little ones don't come with a manual and that having a child who is different means your life's journey will not be anything like what you had imagined it would be, but that does not mean it can't be meaningful and rewarding. Safety is one of her primary concerns for her children, and Jodee is the author of an Internet safety course.

More About Jodee Redmond

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