Heather Long

Heather Long

Heather Long is a freelance writer and author with more than two decades of experience writing for a wide variety of publications. She is the author of eighteen published novels with more on the way. Heather has written articles on a number of topics and has specific expertise in freelance writing, novel writing, publishing, relationships, parenting and marketing.


Heather has a bachelor's degree in psychology and studied relationships for over a decade. She spent eight of those years writing advice columns and blogs. She regularly takes classes and workshops to grow her knowledge. She discovered the best way to maintain a relationship is through healthy communication and honesty.

Freelance Writing

Heather loves to write. When a college professor suggested she turn a paper into a magazine for publication, she discovered the perfect storm of turning a passion for writing into a career. She has taken multiple classes over the years focusing on different areas of writing from technical manuals to copywriting to marketing and journalism. In 2009, she returned to her passion for fiction and added published novelist to her resume. In addition to supplementing her income as a writer and novelist, Heather often teaches classes on writing technique, organizing the novelist and serves in her local school community as a mentor to student writers.


Throughout her career, Heather has worked as a managing editor, a technical writer, a technical editor, a marketing copywriter, a project manager, instructional designer, and a communications director. Early in her career, she received on the job training to rise above administrative assistant to junior systems administrator for a flagship Internet corporation. In recent years, she worked as an independent contractor, filling specific niches needed in small and large businesses alike. She completed her Master's in Business Administration in 2012. She currently works via three consulting agencies to assist their clients achieve their marketing goals through web presence, email blasts, and educational materials.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Heather is wildly passionate about her interests and hobbies. She travels frequently to reader and author conventions where she can interact with readers and sign books. She co-hosts a weekly podcast about speculative fiction, science fiction, and paranormal romance television programs. She is the newsletter editor for her local RWA chapter and the coordinator for their 2013 writing contest.

To learn more about Heather and her novels, please visit her website.

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