Emily McCarthy


Emily is a freelance writer and editor. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English from Georgetown University and has worked on a wide range of topics for National Geographic, Conde Nast, and Lucky Magazine including travel, food & wine, fashion, shopping, and beauty.


  • Georgetown University: B.A., English

Detailed Experience

Fashion & Shopping Fanatic

Emily is a self-proclaimed clothes horse who has been following the fashion industry since she was a teenager. She loves clothes and accessories and spends most of her free time (and income) shopping for them in local boutiques and online. She believes you should always have fun with fashion and wear what makes you happiest because every day is really just another opportunity to play dress up.

Emily keeps up with all the latest fashion news in magazines and on the web. With an ever-present stack of glossies and a constantly updated list of "wants," you can be sure she knows about the latest trends and where to get them.

Beauty Consultant

Emily has held several positions with Estée Lauder including consultant. Her journey began with a collection of Bonne Bell Lipsmackers in fourth grade; now she has a fully stocked arsenal of hair products, tools, makeup, skincare, etc. and is always on the lookout for more! She believes beauty products offer a fun, easy way to try out new looks without spending a lot of money, and they have the ability to be transformative and empowering.

Food & Wine Connoisseur

Emily has been cooking and drinking wine for over a decade and loves nothing more than a good meal and a nice glass of red. While working at Conde Nast, Emily had the opportunity to work with the editorial, advertising, and marketing departments at Gourmet and Bon Appetite.

Emily has lived in some of the world's food capitals including New York City and Florence, Italy, and she has traveled to places like Turkey, Greece, France, Spain, Chile, Brazil, and more to experience all the culinary delights those countries have to offer. She loves trying new recipes, restaurants, and wine to expand upon her already extensive knowledge of food and wine.

Connect With Emily McCarthy

If you'd like to learn more about Emily, you can connect with her via her profile on LinkedIn.