Michael Kwan

Michael Kwan is a professional freelance writer based out of Vancouver, Canada. His articles have been featured on a number of notable websites, approaching a broad range of subject matter, including cell phones, video games, consumer electronics, Internet marketing, work-life balance and more.

Consumer Electronics

As part of his work for several online publications, Michael has been keeping a keen eye on the world of consumer electronics for a number of years, focusing mostly on smartphones and tablets. He has reviewed a broad range of devices from several manufacturers and has attended major electronics trade shows like Computex Taipei and the Consumer Electronics Show.

Freelancing and Small Business

Michael has been working as a full-time professional freelance writer since 2006, working out of his home office. In that time, he has gained much experience and expertise on the subject of freelancing, entrepreneurship, home-based business and small business. He discusses these topics on his blog, Beyond the Rhetoric, and he authored Beyond the Margins, a book helping prospective freelancers get started with businesses of their own.

Video Games

Michael has been playing video games for as long as he can remember, growing up around the Atari and NES, evolving to the SNES, N64, Game Boy, DS, Xbox 360, Wii and mobile platforms. He has actively reviewed many games in recent years and has also attended major video game events as a member of the media, such as Penny Arcade Expo and E3 Expo.

Cars and Automotive

Joining local car clubs like Revscene and Club Integra, Michael became very fond of cars and car modifications. He learned a lot about the different makes and models, including several that are not available in the North American market. Since then, he has attended several automotive events and trade shows -- like Sport Compact Nights and the Vancouver International Auto Show -- and has written and produced in-depth reviews of cars like the Honda CR-Z and Ford Focus for online magazines.

Mental Health and Life Balance

Graduating from the University of British Columbia with honors with a degree in Psychology, Michael is well versed in mental disorders and conditions, including not only their symptomology, but also the different paradigms and treatment regimens. Michael has a large personal interest in personal development and mental health.

Find Michael Online

Be sure to follow Michael on Twitter at @michaelkwan and check out his own blog, Beyond the Rhetoric, for more great content. Michael's primary website, which includes links to his various social media profiles, can be found at MichaelKwan.com.

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