Shannon Johnson

Shannon Johnson

Shannon C. Johnson received her Juris Doctorate from Mercer University Law School and her BA in business economics from Florida A&M University. Her firm, the Law Office of Shannon C. Johnson, LLC, handled criminal, real estate, small business, and family law cases.

Evolution From Lawyer to Freelancer

Shannon's free spirit prompted her to close down her firm in 2006 to pursue her career interests in teaching and freelance writing. To that end, she moved from Atlanta to Orlando and began teaching at Florida A&M University College of Law. She began freelancing part time in 2007 while teaching Advanced Entertainment Law and Communications at Full Sail University.

Shannon eventually left teaching and began freelancing full time. She has experience writing web content, articles, blog posts, and business copy. She also has developed e-Learning courses and worked as a social media manager.

Legal and Small Business Expertise

Shannon is the author of The A-Z guide to Federal Employment Laws for the Small Business Owner. In addition, she has written multiple business and employment pieces for Xpert HR. While practicing law, Shannon handled family law, small business, and real estate legal matters. Since then she has written numerous legal briefs covering a variety of legal topics, client newsletters for law firms, and a variety of articles for legal content and business sites.

More About Shannon Johnson

Shannon is currently the Operations Director of The Acre Orlando. Visit her profile on LinkedIn if you'd like to connect with her.

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