Annette McDermott

Annette McDermott

Annette McDermott is a freelance writer and published children's author. Her expertise is in natural health, diet and nutrition, and holistic living, as well as children's books, kids, vitamins, music, and Christmas. She grew up learning from grandparents who grew and preserved foods, used herbal remedies, and lived simply.

Health and Wellness Qualifications

Ann is certified in holistic food and nutrition and holds a diploma in natural health and healing from Delaware Technical and Community College.

Children's Writer

Ann earned a diploma from the Institute of Children's Literature and has written several plays for children here at LoveToKnow including A Home for Jo-Jo and Sara Finds Christmas.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Contributor

Ann has contributed to the popular book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, in the Book of Christmas Miracles edition.

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You can view more of Annette's work by visiting Muck Rack and If you're interested in her writing services, you can contact her via LinkedIn.

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