Esther A Lombardi


Esther A. Lombardi is a freelance writer and journalist with over two decades of experience writing for an array of publications, online and offline. She also has a master's degree in English Literature, with a background in Web Technology and Journalism. Over the last two decades, Esther has written articles on many topics, with specific expertise in green living, organics and children's books.


  • California State University - Sacramento: M.A., English

Detailed Experience

Green Living Expertise

Esther is a green-living expert, with many years of experience in writing and editing articles on topics related to:

  • Global warming
  • The environment
  • Green-collar jobs
  • Recycling
  • Clean and renewable energy
  • Healthy food
  • Local food sheds
  • Saving farms
  • Water conservation
  • Environmental justice
  • Sustainable design

Former Content Manager at Bioneers

Esther has attended conferences, taken classes, participated in workshops, and read extensively to further her knowledge of green living. She's been inspired and informed by her direct work writing, editing and managing content for Bioneers over a period of five years. During that time, she also worked closely with Nikki Spangenberg and Peter Warshall on the Dreaming New Mexico, a ground-breaking and award-winning project that inspires us all to dream, and then work to create a more sustainable future for our children.

Organic Food & Products

Esther is an organics expert and enthusiast. Her first experiences with organic food and farming happened as a child, digging her toes in the fertile garden soil. She has written about organic farming and products for many years, but her passionate support for organics was strengthened even further by her son's diagnosis with stage-4 cancer at the age of 18 months. She is a passionate advocate for local, sustainable and healthy foods, that's both safe and accessible.

Food and Farming Project

Esther also worked with Arty Mangan on the Food and Farming Project. She's been inspired and has learned a great deal from his Seed Project, as well as his many associations with top-notch, inspiring and revolutionary advocates in the field of food and farming. She firmly believes that supporting organic foods and products is the best way to ensure healthy (and nourishing) living.

More About Esther A. Lombardi

Ester continues to freelance. If you'd like to connect with her, you can reach her via LinkedIn.