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Kirsten Schuder, M. S., is a mental health counselor, Vice President of the American Emotional Wellness Organization, a writer, an author, an editor, a literary agent, a wife, a mother, and owner of a closet filled to the brim with different hats :) .

Mental Health Counseling

Kirsten began counseling in a methadone clinic in 1995. She graduated with her Mental Health Counseling degree from Walden University. In 2005, she lateraled over to Books for Charity's sister organization, The American Emotional Wellness (AEWO) organization.

Kirsten's responsibilities at the AEWO include grant writing, producing literature for clients, developing different wellness programs, and creating and holding group counseling programs and running sessions for different groups of people, such as people who are grieving, people who are recently disabled, and people who are experiencing clinical depression. Kirsten has experience in counseling in a wide variety of issues, such as drug addiction, depression, divorce, domestic violence, grieving, personality disorders, self-esteem, family dynamics and issues, and many more.

Kirsten is also creating a library of seminars and webinars for the AEWO. The first of them will be available at the end of 2015. Kirsten is in charge of seminar and webinar creation, writing and editing accompanying materials.

Writing and Editing


Kirsten has written everything from short stories to novels, movie scripts, and many types of business materials, such as sales letters, brochures, company catalogues, and websites. Kirsten and her writing partner are regularly published in a variety of sports magazines for athletic performance and the mental game of sports.


Kirsten works as a mental health editor for one of the largest websites on the internet with millions of visitors.

You can find Kirsten's editing services available at One of Kirsten's collaborations, Anita's Piano, was finalist for the 2015 Montaigne Award. In the namesake of the philosopher, the Montaigne Award is granted to new works that cause those who read it to reflect deeply upon their "raison d'être."

Associate Literary Agent - Rebecca Pratt Literary Group

As of September, 2015, Kirsten has been accepted into the fold of the Rebecca Pratt Literary Group as an Associate Literary Agent.


My first book, Inside Dweller, is a metaphysical sci-fi, paranormal, psychological thriller, crowd-pleasing adventure. A young woman and her psychologist discover that the commander of Lucifer’s army, a specialized, extraterrestrial demon breed, is dwelling inside of her in an attempt to unlock the key to the human mind and soul and enslave humankind.

A book excerpt was published in 2013 in IdeaGems, a sci-fi literary magazine, in their October edition. The second book in the series of three, is Inside Dweller: IN-Vasion.

Personal Life

Possessor of a nice, quiet, pleasant life in the Appalachian Mountains on the western most tip of Virginia she has a stream in the front of the house and in the back an old tobacco barn on top of a limestone mountain. They have four goats, three ducks, a very small turtle named Person, a rescued cat named Persian, and two dogs (Lexy and Champ). Fortunately, Lexy chases the goats when they’ve wrangled their way out of their fenced area, Lexy's favorite job. Kirsten’s husband has his doctorate in psychology. Her sixteen-year old son is an aspiring writer, author, and literary agent, while her daughter, five, wants to be a fashion designer.

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