Elan Carmichael


Elan Carmichael is a writer and communications professional with many years of experience writing at the corporate level. As both a licensed cosmetologist and a former marketing communications professional with L'Oreal USA, Elan is well-versed in the beauty world.

Detailed Experience

Licensed Cosmetologist

Elan has been a licensed cosmetologist for years, but her passion for hair has existed almost since birth. Her grandmother was a hair stylist, and Elan grew up using her mannequins to hone her cutting and styling skills. But it wasn't until years later when Elan had already begun her career in corporate America that she knew her passion for hair would never go away. So, she earned her cosmetology license by attending night classes and then worked full time as a stylist while she was in graduate school and part-time after returning to corporate world.

Natural Hair Specialist

During her time as a marketer at L'Oreal, Elan also had an opportunity to delve into the world of product development at the top beauty company in the world. This experience was invaluable and opened her eyes to a wide array of global products, technologies, and techniques. Elan's specialty is in natural hair care, including styling, cutting, and caring for curly hair.

Skin Care Expert

Elan is also experienced in skin care. Like many women, Elan has suffered from acne most of her life, and in cosmetology school and during her time at L'Oreal, she took a special interest in studying the kinds of products and care regimens needed to combat that particular skin issue. She also enjoys natural remedies to some of life's most annoying dry, flaky skin woes. Her motto is: "The solution you need might be right in your refrigerator!"


Elan has an MBA in marketing and is well-versed in both product promotion and small business marketing. Throughout her career, she has done marketing in a variety of industries from fast food to news to business-to-business research. Each experience has afforded her a new perspective on how to reach the end consumer.

More About Elan Carmichael

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