Megan Stubblefield

Megan Stubblefield

Megan Stubblefield graduated with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science and Policy. She over four years of freelance writing experience, covering issues that include green technology, environmental concerns, and the exciting new advances in sustainable energy.

Green Living

In her four years as a freelance writer, Megan has written countless articles on the subject of environmental consciousness. Megan has been interested in green living since she was in elementary school. She helped start and promote a recycling program at her high school. In college and graduate school, Megan focused her studies specifically on environmental issues, including the things that individual citizens can do to minimize their carbon footprints and reduce their impact on the environment. Megan also tries to maintain a green lifestyle herself and learn more about green living through personal experience.


A significant portion of Megan's coursework in environmental science focused on the ecological and health benefits of buying organic food. Since then, she has written extensively on the subject of organic living, giving advice on where to shop and what to buy. She also has a great deal of personal experience with buying things that are organic, trying to abide by the same guidelines she has learned along the way.


In college, Megan took numerous courses that covered the environmental effects of outdoor activities like camping. Megan's interest in camping first began when she was an active member of the Girl Scouts. Her father was also an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast that took her on many camping trips, where she received more early instruction in the area. In her professional life, Megan has written numerous articles covering almost every aspect of camping, from safety tips to recommendations for the best camping gear.

More About Megan

Megan was a teenage entrepreneur with a successful local business involving domestic service. She wrote for a local newspaper during high school and worked as a research aid in college.

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