Dr. Vilma Ruddock

Dr. Vilma Ruddock

Vilma Ruddock, M.D. is Harvard-trained in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology, and has a passion for writing and teaching. Dr. Ruddock is an expert on women's health and diseases, including pregnancy, infertility, contraception, hormonal disorders and menopause. In her practice of comprehensive women's health, she also has expertise on disease prevention, wellness and fitness, nutrition, weight and stress management, and hair and skin care. She believes she has a duty to use her knowledge, backed up by scientific studies, to inform and empower women on important health issues. Her love of writing and teaching stems from her lifelong love of reading, learning and exploring.

Pregnancy and Women's Health Expert

Dr. Ruddock has spent over 20 years in the practice of comprehensive adult and adolescent women's health care and gynecologic surgery. Her practice includes areas specific to the health of women of all ages as well as general health and prevention issues. She is trained in managing:

  • Pregnancy
  • Pre-pregnancy health
  • Infertility
  • Family planning

Dr. Ruddock spent many years teaching and training medical students, physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and other allied health professionals in taking care of the health of pregnant and non-pregnant women. She also wrote an unpublished pregnancy manual to guide women through the weeks of pregnancy and preparation for labor and delivery.

Nutrition, Wellness, and Fitness Expertise

Dr. Ruddock has written several patient education materials on maintaining a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating, weight management, exercise and avoiding risky behaviors. She has a lifelong love of health promotion, wellness and fitness of mind and body, as well as public health.

As a gymnast throughout her teens, healthy food choices, food preparation, and regular exercise became second nature. Dr. Ruddock does a lot of reading and research in these areas to supplement her courses at the Harvard School of Public Health during medical school. She sifts through the array of diets, and weight loss products and systems on the market and distills them down to reliable, expert information. She uses this expertise to benefit herself, her family, and her patients.

Disease Prevention Advocate

Dr. Ruddock always emphasizes risk reduction and disease prevention in her care of women. She believes that the practice of gynecology is not just about the breast exam, pelvic exam and Pap smear. Therefore, she spent many years guiding women to learn about the diseases for which they are at greater risk than "female diseases," such as heart disease, and to take early steps to prevent them.

Understanding the effect of stress on people's health and well-being, Dr. Ruddock teaches classes and seminars on stress management and the relaxation response. This holistic approach to women's health and prevention includes:

  • Advice on health screening guidelines
  • Early detection of diseases
  • How to live healthier lives
  • How to access the healthcare system and health information in the digital age

Skin and Hair Care Expertise

Women tend to go to their gynecologist first for everything, and hair and skin advice is no exception. Dr. Ruddock's expertise in Endocrinology includes the biology of hair and skin. Disorders of hair or skin often have a hormonal basis. She is very experienced in advising women on hair and skin care and on the vast amounts of non-prescription products that floods the market. This is researched information women can trust, considering the misinformation on many of these products.

Volunteer Activities

Over the years, Dr. Ruddock enjoyed volunteering as:

  • A science judge
  • Science night guide
  • Career day expert
  • Field trip chaperone
  • Sports teams' parent
  • Program brochure publisher for her children's schools 

Other volunteer activities included being a:

  • Board member for a substance abuse prevention program
  • Manager of a food pantry for low income pregnant women
  • Honorary chair for the March of Dimes walk on prevention of premature births

Writing and Teaching Experience

At graduation from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Ruddock received first prize for the best senior thesis in its category, The Relationship between Cultural Beliefs and the Health of a Community. Some years later, she received a prize for Achievement in Medicine from her undergraduate university.

She continued her passion for writing and teaching by contributing articles to local magazines and newspapers, and by giving numerous talks and seminars on women's health topics to other physicians, nurses, students, and corporate and community groups. She also participated in a few local radio and television programs in the past.

Dr. Ruddock is a strong advocate of patient education and empowering women to take active control of their health. Following the adage that "knowledge is power," she has written many simplified health leaflets and manuals for her patients. As a 4th year medical student, she was able to take health care and teaching to the people in rural Jamaica, often on foot up the mountains. She is always thinking about ways to inform a wider audience and has several book ideas that she is working on in order to fulfill her desire to be a published author.

Other Interests and Hobbies

When Dr. Ruddock is not taking care of patients, writing articles and poetry, teaching and exercising, she is engrossed in reading and researching. In her youth she considered reading the Complete Works of Shakespeare or the dictionary from cover-to-cover, was a recreational activity. She loves to study history, especially British and Caribbean colonial history, since it helps her with her family's genealogy research.

Dr. Ruddock also likes cooking, and her cooking was once featured in a newspaper article. She enjoys travel and exploring diverse cultures and backgrounds. Her other passions include music (especially classical, Celtic and Caribbean), the opera, theatre and ballet, drawing and painting, spending spare hours in bookstores and libraries, and touring museums and ancient churches.

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