Tela Lewis

Tela Lewis

Tela Lewis is a freelance writer and blogger. She primarily writes articles and newsletters about cruise travel destinations. She also contributes articles on travel and construction safety. She has an Associate of Arts degree in English Literature from Solano College.

Cruise Travel Experience

As a former cruise ship crew member, Tela has a unique perspective on cruise travel vacations. Working on a cruise ship was quite an adventure, and Tela has been reporting on the travel and cruising industry for the past eight years since taking a job on land.

Tela's cruise-related articles often include tips and tricks for getting the most from cruise vacations. She has written on cruising during specific times of the year, choosing the correct departure port and maximizing onboard activities and savings.

Construction Safety Expertise

As a Project Coordinator for a General Contractor in Napa, CA, Tela works is an industry full of safety and employee relations pitfalls. Tela helps clarify these areas with articles contributed to related publications. In addition, as a Member of the National Association of Women in Construction, she also focuses on articles encouraging women to explore construction trades.

More About Tela Lewis

You can learn more about Tela and her work by connecting with her on LinkedIn.

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