Sheena R. Harris

Sheena R. Harris

Sheena Harris is a freelance writer with more than eight years of experience crafting words. She has written on a variety of topics throughout the years and loves the challenge of turning something dull and mundane into a fascinating read. Her fields of expertise include dogs, dating, cake decorating, and issues surrounding recovery.

Dog Breeder and Trainer

As a genuine dog lover and NKC registered beagle breeder, Sheena always has sound advice for people about caring for their canine pals. She enjoys sharing her ideas about dog breeding, health issues that can be a concern with certain breeds, and how to make your dog a happy creature.

Sheena can also offer great insight into training certain breeds as she has had great experience training her own three beagles for competition hunts.

Relationship Expertise

Sheena holds a dual degree in Psychology and English Composition and certifications in clinical behavior therapy. She uses this knowledge and skill set to help couples and individuals who are struggling with their personal relationships.

For the last several years, Sheena has written various articles on dating, marriage counseling, and relationships. She truly believes that, with the right instruction, every individual can have a healthy relationship.

Professional Cake Decorator

Before Sheena's career took a turn towards psychology and freelance writing, she spent ten years working in a bakery; part of that time was spent as the bakery manager. She enjoyed every aspect of pastry art, and cake decorating was considered her specialty. Weddings and special occasions call for a culinary centerpiece and getting the chance to provide this for her customers was the perk of the position. Sheena enjoys providing easy-to-follow instructions and tips to help others learn the craft.

Recovery Specialist

Sheena's background in clinical behavior therapy gives her unique insights about many aspects of mental health issues, addiction, and recovery. She channels her knowledge and experience into authentic articles designed to enlighten readers and help them take the next step towards better health.

Special Interests and Hobbies

When Sheena is not hard at work building her career as a writing psychologist, she enjoys the backdrop of nature with her family. She resides in the gorgeous state of Kentucky where shoes are an option and hospitality is second nature.

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If you'd like to know more about Sheena's writing services, you can connect with her on LinkedIn and her website

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