Kathryn Vera


Kathryn Vera is a freelance writer with years of experience working with various online and print publications, including Reader's Digest. Although Kathryn has written on a variety of topics, she specializes in exercise, nutrition, diet, cooking, and food science.


Health and Diet Expert,Vitamins Expertise,Vegetarian Experience,Yoga Teacher


  • Registered Dietitian: Licensed in diet and nutrition
  • Registered Yoga Teacher: Expert in Yoga methods

Affiliations and Memberships

  • Reader's Digest
  • Yoga Alliance

Registered Dietitian

Kathryn is an expert in the field of diet. In addition to holding licensure as a Registered Dietitian, Kathryn has worked in a number of settings that have allowed her to learn more about dietary recommendations for both children and adults. Kathryn embraces a healthy, balanced, organic diet that meets nutritional needs and pleases the taste buds.

Vitamins Expertise

Kathryn knows how hard it can be to meet daily recommendations for vitamin and nutrient intake. Fortunately, her training in the field of nutrition and dietetics help her make educated recommendations when it comes to getting the essential vitamins that your body needs. In addition to providing recommendations when it comes to choosing vitamin supplements, Kathryn helps friends and family meet their vitamin needs through 'whole food' sources.


Kathryn is a vegetarian. She has taken a number of cooking classes that focus on vegetarian food preparation techniques and prides herself on her ability to make meatless meals just as tasty as those which come from prize-winning steakhouses. In addition to providing her family with a plant-based diet, Kathryn helps many people in her community learn more about the benefits of reducing meat intake.

MA Exercise Physiology

Kathryn loves to exercise. In addition to being a lifelong runner and cyclist, Kathryn holds a Master's degree in the field of Exercise Physiology. She not only engages in regular exercise herself, but she also enjoys helping others reach short- and long-term exercise goals, especially training for endurance competitions.

Registered Yoga Teacher

Kathryn's love of yoga goes back to her college days when she earned certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance and taught classes in the evening to help pay the rent. Although she no longer leads classes, she still enjoys practicing yoga and often attends classes at local yoga studios in her community.