Tess Chedsey

Tess Chedsey

Tess is a writing professional based in Oregon. She has been writing and publishing articles for a variety of websites on the subjects of antiques for many years.

Antiques Expertise

Tess became fascinated by antiques at a very young age because her family heirlooms told her such interesting and colorful stories about her ancestors. About fifteen years ago, she put this fascination with antiques into practice when she graduated from the Asheford Institute of Antiques in Destin Florida.

Tess' senior thesis was on her extensive collection of British Toby jugs. She has been writing about antiques of all categories since then for a variety of websites, including articles on how to run a successful antique business. Tess is an avid reader on antiques and will not miss an antique venue at home or while traveling. Her friends and family constantly seek her appraisal advice as she continues classes in antiques and appraising to remain current in this dynamic field.

More About Tess Chedsey

Tess continues to write and edit. If you'd like to consult her about a project, you can connect with her through LinkedIn.

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