Tienlyn Jacobson


Tienlyn Jacobson is a freelance writer who has spent the last 10 years, working in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries as a stylist, editor, and on-air host. She began writing after somewhat spontaneously moving to Australia for a year and starting a long-winded travel blog. Since then, she has come to terms with her incessant need to overshare, turning it into a successful career as an editor and freelance writer.




  • On-Air Fashion and Lifestyle Host


  • Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Detailed Experience

Professional Fashionista

Tienlyn attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and has written for a number of publications and e-commerce sites, including Fashionising, Chaos Magazine, ShopStyle, and Denim Mag. As a stylist and consultant, her client list includes several celebrities and Fortune 500 professionals. She is also an on-air fashion and lifestyle host for Joyus, Inc.

Other Interests

Tienlyn also writes and hosts travel, lifestyle, and shopping shows runs the blog Thoughtful Misfit and has collaborated with various companies on several interior design projects. Her hobbies include reading nutritional labels, watching biography documentaries, and bemoaning the fact that it's virtually impossible to tend to her chickens in 4-inch stilettos.

More About Tienlyn Jacobson

You can find out more about Tienlyn by following her on Instagram and checking her out on LOOKBOOK.