Theresa Latona Reagan

Theresa Latona Reagan

Theresa Latona Reagan is a freelance writer with over twenty years of experience writing articles for print and websites, audience-specific copy for sales campaigns, new product launches, public relations and advertising. Her creative talent is visible in her writing, graphic and web designs. Theresa’s published work includes a variety of topics, including antiques, art, natural healing, life coaching, gardening tools, retail, and fitness.


At a young age, Theresa had a unique attraction to trends of styles of the early to mid- 1900s. Unlike her childhood friends whose interests were limited to the present day, Theresa sang along with music from some of the old jazz greats and watched classic movies that starred Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

As an adult, she met someone who became her partner and mentor in a profitable antiques business. Theresa's regular attendance at auctions and frequent visits to estate sales and thrift shops coupled with her top-notch research skills made her a human database of information on the subject of antiques.

Theresa mastered some of the intricate details of antiquing. She is well versed in buying, selling and valuing most collectible items. She and her associate operated a successful eBay store, and in a short time opened Eccentricities, a brick and mortar shop. Her passion, thirst for knowledge, resourceful nature and uncanny fact-finding ability made it easy for her to purchase, evaluate and sell products.

Theresa has experience in a variety of collectible categories including glass, barware, crystal, silver, pewter, furniture, pottery, bottles, and pharmacy items, but her favorites are depression items and vintage and mid-century modern collectibles.

Theresa taught an eBay 101 courses at an adult evening school to help those who were interested in buying and reselling or downsizing belongings. She outlined the entire process of eBay selling to get her students off to a great start.


Theresa has a 20-year background in marketing. In her most recent position as marketing director for a national legal publisher, ALM, she headed up the Books department of The Legal Intelligencer, the Company's Regional Office in Pennsylvania. She managed sales and promotion for thirty book titles with an annual revenue goal of over one million dollars.

To achieve her goals, she devised comprehensive and cohesive strategic plans that incorporated all available marketing channels including direct mail, email, advertising, online sales, cross-marketing and telemarketing. She drafted copy for seventy direct mail pieces and led the design team. Theresa acted as brand ambassador and spearheaded an operation to devise and incorporate procedures for each corporate re-branding initiative. She handled all public relations activities and wrote eye-catching press releases to entice the media.

Theresa carries her passion for marketing at all times. She has an impulsive urge to help others, apparent when she stumbles upon a new business, enters a small store, or eatery. She is compelled to offer unsolicited, free tips that relate to specific business types. Doing this also serves as a means for her to give back.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Theresa is very passionate about homeless and endangered species of animals and has rescued numerous strays throughout her life. She enjoys her adopted children, a long-haired Chihuahua, Monet, her orange tabby, Dalí, and lovable feline stowaway, Francis.

Her daily routine comprises meditation, grounding, and affirmations at the beginning and end of each day. She studied global meditation practices, the Law of Attraction, energy healing, and took accredited college courses in Reiki, Ayurveda, therapeutic massage and energy healing. Theresa had the privilege of attending a three-day Ho'opponopono course, the ancient Polynesian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, taught by its world-renowned founder, Dr. Hew Len.

Theresa is also an empath and can pick up on the energy of anyone in her presence and, if appropriate, will offer help. Her ancestral line has provided her with intuitive ability. She continues to study the life after death phenomena and has written a yet-to-be-published short story about communication with a passed loved one.

Theresa holds a Bachelor's Degree in cultural studies. She uses her spare time to attend art classes, create natural skin care products or take a paint brush to canvas.

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