Yelena Johnson

Yelena Johnson

Yelena Johnson has over a decade of writing and editing experience in both online and print publications. After earning a Communication degree from the lauded Annenberg School of Journalism at the University of Southern California, she began her career in public relations and marketing. During her time in the PR world, Yelena experienced her first foray into event planning and discovered a new passion.

Events and Wedding Planner

While freelance writing and editing for various lifestyle and fashion publications, Yelena founded her own event planning and design firm known as The Stylish Soiree. Under her leadership and design savvy, The Stylish Soiree quickly became synonymous with sophisticated, personalized weddings and parties.

Over the course of eight years The Stylish Soiree events were published over thirty times in blogs and magazines including:

Yelena is known as an expert in the wedding and event design field and has mentored young up-and-coming planners to help them break into the industry.

Fashion Style Expertise

Yelena has always been a lover of aesthetics, and fashion is no exception. She dedicated her final term papers while studying abroad to the history of fashion in London as well as the cultural symbolism of fashion from the early 1900s through the 2000s.

Style Editor Experience

After working in public relations and marketing for a few years, she began working as a style editor for an online fashion destination website. While at StarStyle, she penned articles on the latest trends and shared tips with readers on style pieces to achieve a runway look for less.

Online Fashion Trend Store Developer

Yelena also worked with the company's brand and retail partners, including Nordstom, Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue, to build online trend stores. She has also served as Senior Editor of a luxury lifestyle magazine where she covered fashion bi-annually, highlighting the best of New York Fashion Week.

Fashion Industry Interviewer

Thanks to her experience in the wedding and fashion worlds, Yelena also had the opportunity to interview top wedding gown designers (Jim Hjelm, Junko Yoshioka, etc.) to create in-depth articles for industry bridal wear magazine Better Bridal.

Connect With Yelena Johnson

Yelena continues to freelance, so you can connect with her on LinkedIn if you'd like to discuss a project with her.


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