Jane C. Dizon

Jane C. Dizon

Jane Dizon is a digital marketer and writer by day, and a ninja mom by night. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing but her real passion is writing. She loves to write about anything and everything, including sales and marketing, health and fitness, dating and relationships, and productivity hacks. She’s internet savvy and loves green tea, Excel sheets, and sticky notes.


Jane started writing way back in high school. She is a self-proclaimed poet who loves writing fictional short stories. She was Features Editor to the official publication of the College of Nursing at Holy Angel University. Jane started as a web content writer for a mobile case company in 2012. She then worked as a search engine specialist and writer for an Australian retailer of gym equipment in 2014. She now works as a digital marketing specialist at FREE Branding & Digital in Edmonton.

She writes for LifeHack, Elite Daily, Toptenz, Self Growth, and Small Business BC. She's also an editor at DMOZ for the Advertising and Marketing category under Edmonton's Business and Economy. You can read some of her articles on Tumblr.

Digital Marketing

Jane has been hooked to the internet since the day her parents bought their first dial-up modem. She’s been a digital marketer for two years and search engine specialist for five years. She’s now exploring the world of website design and development.

Jane has worked with companies in industries like mobile devices and accessories, gym equipment, clothing apparel, construction and industrial, and real estate.

Health and Fitness

As a registered nurse, Jane was assigned to different hospital areas like Pediatric, NICU, OR, and ER. She was the head writer at Gym and Fitness, a health and fitness blog. She was also featured in other diet and nutrition blogs like Sexy Fit Vegan and The Paleo Diet.

Crafts, Baking, and Other Hobbies

As a Jane-of-all-trades, she has mastered multi-tasking and is always thirsty for something new. She fell in love with sewing after learning how to use her grandma’s old, Singer sewing machine at age 13. She sold handmade accessories she named Chic-ness when she was in college. She’s still doing crafts at Craftbits. While working as a web content writer, Jane opened Cakes for Bree, named after her daughter. She’s currently managing Royal Essence, an online store that sells soy ring candles.

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