Mychelle Blake

Mychelle Blake

Mychelle Blake is a freelance writer, web designer, social media consultant and content creator. She a particular focus on the companion animal behavior field. Mychelle has had her work published on several websites and magazines on subjects including web design, social media, online technology and dog, cat, parrot, small animal and reptile health and behavior.

Web Design

Mychelle Blake runs her own web design company with a focus on small to medium businesses and non-profits. She provides a full range of online business services include website design, copywriting for the web, search engine optimization, Google analytics setup and reporting, and web accessibility audits. She approaches her business with an eye towards online solutions that fits each of her clients' unique needs. Mychelle walks all of her clients through the web design process, starting with determining goals and target market, user design, and content creation. She is passionate about helping the "web intimidated" to develop sites that grow their business or mission and increase their ROI. She also has a specialty in helping individuals develop online course platforms, whether it's on their own website or using pre-configured learning management systems. She has studied web design and internet technology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and was one of the very first students of the Las Vegas campus of the Iron Yard Front End Engineering program. To learn more, please visit her website and Facebook page.

Social Media

Working as a Communications Director for several years, Mychelle is fluent in the use of social media. She loves the ability of groups to reach out to a larger world with social media in ways they may not have been able to before due to their budgets, such as small non-profits and micro-businesses. She teaches her clients how to create a social media strategy that's practical for them, how to choose the best platform for your message, and how to deal with the "dark side" of social media (i.e. negative comments, bad reviews). She also helps provide education on the more "technical" aspects of social media outreach, such as how to properly film video for your YouTube or other channels. Writing content for websites to best display a business or organization's services or mission is also one of her specialties. 

Freelance Writing

Mychelle Blake works as a freelance writer for several online websites. She has had her worked published in both online and print publications She also provides content creation and editing services for websites, blogs and marketing materials as part of her regular digital service business

Dog, Cat, Small Animal, Reptile and Equine Behavior and Care

Mychelle Blake, MSW, CDBC has a long history working as both staff and a volunteer for various shelters and rescues in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas. She had her own dog and cat behavior consulting business for about ten years where she taught group and individual obedience and worked in clients' homes to help resolve behavior issues. She also ran programs at shelters to train dogs to help them become more adoptable. She is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the American Kennel Club. She has been a regular writer for several websites on dog and cat behavior and training. She also served for many years as editor for both the IAABC and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She also previously worked as the Web News Content Editor and Web/Social Media Coordinator for the United States Dog Agility Association.  She served as the Technical Course Manager for IAABC's online education program through July 2019 and was the website designer for their award-winning journal. She also has experience handling and caring for companion animals such as birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, "pocket pets" and reptiles as well as farm animals such as chickens, goats and horses through her work at several shelters. She currently is a member of the Sioux Empire Kennel Club and her dogs Jack and Kaylee, seahorses, betta fish and their many fresh water tank mates are regularly featured on her Instagram channel.

Other Interests, Hobbies and Background

Mychelle has a Masters of Social Welfare from UCLA with a specialty in community organizing, development and planning and a Bachelors in Political Science from New York University. She has an eclectic professional background that includes social welfare, non-profit management and communications, animal welfare and sheltering, dog and cat behavior and web design and development. Mychelle lives with her dogs Kaylee, a Sharpei/Am Staff mix and Jack, an American Staffordshire Terrier and several aquatic creatures in Sioux Falls, SD. She is an avid science fiction, horror and fantasy book, movie and TV fan. She is also a passionate video and board gamer all the way back to owning both an original Atari 2600 gaming console and Dungeons & Dragons sets as a child.

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