Amber L. Drake

Amber L. Drake

Amber L. Drake is a canine behaviorist and professor of Biology with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a number of different fields. She is the author of several books, including:

Amber has written and published articles on many topics, but focuses on canine behavior and training, canine care, science, college and environmental topics.

Dog Behaviorist

Amber L. Drake is a canine behaviorist. She owns a canine rehabilitation company known as Canine Companions Boarding and Rehabilitation Services, where she works with clients all over the United States. She assists clients with general questions, boarding, rehabilitation information, behavior modification and educational services.

Amber is also a member of several animal-focused organizations and works side-by-side with the following organizations:

  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • PetFirst
  • e-Training for Dogs
  • DogLoverTV
  • Save-A-Rescue
  • Jamestown Post-Journal

Science and Education Qualifications

Amber L. Drake has been an Adjunct Professor of Biology in the Continuing Education and Biology departments at Jamestown Community College in Jamestown, New York for more than seven years. Courses she has offered include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology Lab
  • Biology of Birds
  • Biology of Mammals
  • Canine Care
  • Basic Animal Husbandry

She also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Kaplan University and teaches courses with e-Training for Dogs, Mentoray and OpenLearning.

Further Education

She has earned a Doctor of Education (ABD) with a specialization in e-learning. Amber has also earned:

  • A Post-Master's Educational Specialist certificate
  • A Master of Arts in Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences.

She is currently completing a Master of Science in Environmental Law and Policy. She has completed coursework in Biochemistry at UC Berkeley, Veterinary Technology at Penn Foster and Pre-Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. She is continuously enrolling in additional coursework to remain well-rounded and up-to-date in her field.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Amber L. Drake has earned over 12,000 volunteer hours in the fields of Education, Environmentalism and Animal Husbandry. Many of her recorded volunteer hours come from humane societies, rescue organizations, educational institutions and nature centers. She continues to volunteer with rescue organizations around the United States.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two little boys, nature walking and hiking.

Keep Up With Amber's Work

If you'd like to learn more about Amber or contact her for a consultation, visit Amber L. Drake, Canine Behaviorist. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

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