Samantha Lease

Samantha Lease is a millennial freelance writer and editor whose expertise lies in the style and fashion arena. Samantha studied at The New School Parsons, New York, where she received the esteemed 'Fashion Industry Essentials Certificate' by Parsons X Teen Vogue. She currently freelances for a NYC based blog, where she provides insight, advice, and the latest in all things fashion and style. Having lived in NYC for 10 years, and still making it back to visit once a month, she brings a unique, fresh take to whatever she writes. She also enjoys writing on the topic of beauty.


Samantha has always been passionate about style, and the actual art of styling itself. She worked for an elite boutique in NYC as an Expert Stylist for three years, where she styled many celebrities. She also acted as a visual merchandiser at the boutique, where she was in charge of the window displays and marketing the clothes in store. Her impeccable taste has always shown through her work, and it is what keeps her readers wanting more.


Fashion comes naturally to Samantha and she enjoys writing about and documenting its ever-changing perspectives. Her time at Parsons gave her an even more in-depth understanding of fashion and its many components. Samantha loves the aesthetic of all people and things, and it shows through her carefully curated Instagram and Tumblr pages. She was born fashion obsessed, and her love for it will never fade.


Samantha also enjoys writing about hair and beauty. She has written hair and beauty articles in the past, and she often incorporates the topics into her fashion and style articles. Being a young woman, she finds herself constantly immersed in the newest makeup trends. Samantha is always researching and trying the latest beauty, skincare, and hair products, and she enjoys combining them into her work.

Cats + Candy

Lastly, Samantha is beyond infatuated with her cat Jellybean. Jellybean has her own Instagram account, which Samantha manages. Samantha also has a huge sweet tooth, hence Jellybean's name. Samantha has an enormous passion for animals, especially cats. She has been a ‘crazy cat lady’ since before it was considered ‘cool.' She has previously written articles in the cat niche, but for now she will stick to writing about fashion and style, with Jellybean by her side (of course).

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