Ketura Persellin, Ph.D.


Ketura Persellin is a writer and editor with more than 25 years of experience writing for a wide variety of publications. She has written on topics as diverse as fashion and fashion history, parenting, films, culture, and literature. She has a Ph.D. in English literature and is a voracious reader.


Fashion Expert,Parent Expert,Film Specialist,Volunteer

Fashion and Style Expert

For more than ten years, Ketura has worked as an image consultant, helping women and men with their personal style through tools such as personal style analysis, color analysis, wardrobe consulting, and personal shopping. Before that, she studied and wrote about fashion as a graduate student earning her Ph.D.

From a young age, she was a devotee of fashion magazines. She has written about fashion for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Boston Phoenix, and the Philadelphia City Paper. She has worked in retail for big box stores and small boutiques alike, and for several years sold Etcetera through quarterly trunk shows. She blogs about fashion, publishes a regular email newsletter, and teaches classes and workshops on fashion-related topics.

Friends regularly turn to her for all manner of style-related advice, and she even uses a discerning eye to help friends decorate their homes. Ketura believes in the right of all women to look and feel their best.

More About Ketura Persellin

Ketura has an active life in Washington, D.C. She loves to travel, hang out with family and friends, swim, go to yoga, and of course, shop. Recently she's tried her hand at gardening and even grown a few tomatoes. She's an active volunteer leader in her synagogue.