Katie Davies

Katie Davies

Katie Davies is a freelance writer and blogger from England. In between cups of coffee, she has written for a number of businesses and publications on a range of topics. She specialises in fashion and travel; however, she has also produced creative content on the subjects of beauty, health, wellbeing, interior design, office culture, freelance writing, lifestyle, psychology, dating and relationships.

Fashion and Beauty


In the five years since Katie graduated from university with a degree in Fashion Marketing, she has worked in three varied areas of the fashion industry: marketing, visual merchandising and technical design. As well as having an unhealthy obsession with fashion, she has a keen interest in all things beauty-related. She created her own website in her second year at university so she could blog about fashion and beauty, alongside travel, on a regular basis. (See www.katiekat.co.uk.) She currently works with brands and companies to showcase their products on her blog and has also been featured in regional UK publications for her fashion style.



Katie has been fortunate enough to go backpacking around the world on two separate occasions in the last three years. The first trip spanned a six month period from 2014-2015, and the second trip consisted of  eight months from 2016-2017. In these time periods, she ventured to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, as well as new cities within the UK. Her passion for traveling is avid to anyone who meets her, or reads her blog, as she shares snippets and stories of her adventures on her site whenever she visits a new place. 

Business and Freelance Writing


As Katie's love of blogging has grown over the last six years, so has her passion for writing. She has always loved writing since she was a little girl creating stories for English class at school, but it was only recently that she decided to make a career from it. Katie went full-time with her own freelance writing business back in April, ecstatic that she was making a living by writing about the subjects she adores. She also blogs about freelance writing on her business website, in the hope that she can provide helpful tips and advice to aspiring freelance writers and beginners.

Other Interests and Hobbies


In addition to fashion, beauty, travel and freelance writing, Katie is enthusiastic about health and fitness. She discovered back in March that she is allergic to many meats, such as chicken, pork, beef and some seafood, and other food items that she adores, including cow's milk, wheat and black tea. Since then, she has become very interested in diet and nutrition. She also loves Zumba Fitness and tries to go to a class at least once per week. Furthermore, Katie is passionate about art. Since studying art and photography at college level, she has fallen in love with painting and likes to visit art galleries in new cities. She is also a keen photographer and experiments with different styles through her fashion, beauty and travel blog.

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