Barbara Mascareno


Barbara Mascareno is a freelance writer with experience in education, learning, and parenting life. She has a B.S. in Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as a secondary science license.




  • Freelance Writer
  • Chemist
  • Educator

Certifications and Awards

  • Secondary Science License

Fun With Science

As a professional chemist and educator, Barbara loves to teach kids to use science in fun, innovative ways. She developed lesson plans and safe experiments for students to grasp basic ideas in science. While science is full of engaging ways to learn many concepts, Barbara integrates STEM and hands-on activities.

Since science is a discipline of many branches, Barbara focused on chemistry, physics, and earth science. She tries to captivate young minds with simple ways to look at the world.

Home School

Barbara is a home school teacher to her young daughter. Using her expertise in teaching, she develops ways to instruct in math, science, and core subjects.

Home school is a journey of many wonders. Barbara loves to use the outdoors as the experimental natural laboratory for the ideas in science and math. Barbara rounds out the home school adventure with practical ideas to organize, plan, and develop ways to make school at home a journey of a lifetime.

More About Barbara Mascareno

You can learn more about Barbara's work by visiting her at or her blog at Her View From Home.