Matt Salter

Matt Salter

Matt Salter is a professional writer, currently employed as a staff journalist at The American Genius and The Real Daily. He is also a freelancer of many colors. Before going independent, Matt spent over seven years as a full-time grant writer and nonprofit communications expert. He's also a trained theatre director and actor, not to mention a massive tabletop gaming geek.


Matt went to work in the nonprofit field straight out of college in 2009. Since then he has worked with national organizations like Volunteers of America and the PICO Network and local groups like Cornerstone Assistance Network and Roadside Theater alike, building networks and finding resources.

He has raised several million dollars in funds and donations in his career. He has also contributed to campaigns that reached thousands of people all over the country.

Matt is also a proud alum of the AmeriCorps VISTA program.

Board Games

Backgammon. It was backgammon that finally hooked Matt, at the venerable age of 5. Candyland was kids' stuff. Chess was boring. But when his father broke out backgammon and Matt saw how all the little pieces of luck and strategy clicked together, a monster was born. Now he's three long steps from a go board, he keeps Dixit and Betrayal at House on the Hill in his car for parties, and the fuzzy dice on his rearview can roll for initiative. You did this, Dad.


Matt has a degree in theatre from Miami University (Ohio, not Texas). While he was there, he co-founded an independent theatre company. He's written dozens of scripts, directed more than 20 plays and appeared in four films. He has a Kevin Bacon number of three.

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