Kate Miller-Wilson

Kate Miller-Wilson is a freelance writer specializing in a range of subjects, including cars, crafts, autism, pregnancy, antiques, genealogy, and more. Kate has written and edited for LoveToKnow since 2009 loves the great variety of articles and slideshows on the various channels of LoveToKnow.

Experienced Freelance Writer

She has a B.A. in English from Western Michigan University and has written hundreds of articles for publication in online and print media. Before becoming a freelance writer, Kate worked for several years as a technical writer and software test script writer for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.


As the mother of a fourth grader on the autism spectrum, Kate has extensive experience navigating the world of therapies, products, and services for autism. She understands the stress an autism diagnosis can place on a family and loves to watch her son makes major developmental or cognitive breakthroughs. She is knowledgeable about negotiating an individual education plan (IEP), finding therapists and specialists, and handling some of the emotional issues that come with this disorder.

Pregnancy, Babies, and Kids

Kate has written extensively about pregnancy and kids, and as a parent, she has the in-the-trenches experience necessary to provide well-researched articles on child-rearing. She enjoys watching her son go through all the stages of childhood, even those that can be a little challenging for parents.

Crafts and Sewing

Kate is an avid crafter and has more that two decades of experience working with a variety of craft materials. She especially enjoys beadwork and sewing, and she loves designing patterns. She also has a great time crafting with kids and especially enjoys sewing costumes. She uses her technical writing background to clearly explain craft and sewing instructions in articles and advice.

Research and Purchasing of Cars

Kate has also written about cars for a number of clients for several years and loves the thrill of thoroughly researching and negotiating a great deal on a new vehicle. She specializes in weighing vehicle options against one another and determining which car is best for a given situation.


As an avid collecting of antique sterling flatware, textiles, sewing materials, and more, Kate loves perusing antique shops for a great deal. She's written dozens of articles about collecting and antiques.

Jewelry and Engagement Rings

Kate has written and edited dozens of articles on fashion and beauty, especially in the areas of jewelry and engagement rings. She enjoys designing her own clothing and jewelry, as well as shopping for great looks and great deals at retailers on and offline.


After working in an elite fine dining restaurant for several years, Kate learned a great deal about different types of wine, the best pairings for food and wine, and proper ettiquette surrounding wine. She love writing for the Wine channel on LoveToKnow.


Genealogy is another area of special interest and expertise for Kate. She has written about this topic for two years and has researched family history online and in person for more than a decade. She loves finding answers to those tricky genealogy problems and helping readers understand how to best use genealogy tools to complete their family histories.


In addition, Kate loves photography. She enjoys photographing her kids daily and has a professional portrait photography business, Kate Neary Photography. Whether she's obsessing over gear or working on a new technique, she's passionate about sharing her excitement and knowledge with others at LoveToKnow.

When she's not writing or editing, Kate enjoys being a mom, researching family history, taking photos, and creating unique jewelry, accessories, and home decor.


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