Kendall McCormick

Kendall McCormick

Kendall McCormick earned a degree in journalism from St. John's University where she advanced her writing and editing skills in order to excel in creating print and online articles, blog posts, photography projects, podcasts, and social media posts. Kendall was born and raised in Long Beach, CA, and has even written articles for about her cherished hometown.

Kendall has written for Quest Magazinewhere she specialized in fashion and lifestyle writing. She has also published articles with While writing for Best Life, Kendall's articles focused on giving advice about a variety of topics, including relationships, weddings, fashion, movies and tv shows, holidays, and interior design.

She has a creative eye for photography, design, and writing, which has grown into her passion for content creation. Her experience as an SEO writer and social media manager has given her insight into the marketing side of content creation. She focuses on how to both entertain and inform readers in order to create an enjoyable and educational experience.


While attending St. John's University in New York, Kendall lived on campus and joined different organizations. She held positions in a national Greek life organization, wrote articles for the school newspaper, and had multiple internships. Kendall was in the Honors Program. She majored in journalism and minored in Theology. 

Since graduating in 2018, she has given advice to those applying to schools. Her experience moving across the country for college, excelling in her classes, and graduating just a few years ago gives her the knowledge and insight necessary for those just starting to apply to colleges, and those who have already begun their college careers. 


Kendall has followed and researched fashion trends for years. She has written articles about various fashion designers, wedding collections and trends, and styles. She also has the best advice for those trying to shop on a budget. 

While living in New York City, Kendall gained insight into some of the top fashion trends of the decade. She interviewed wedding accessories designer Robin Mayer and wrote an article about her bridal boutique. She also researched and wrote about the renowned Hayward and Hopper installation at Bergdorf Goodman. 

While working at Best Life, Kendall worked on a social media campaign for a men's fashion brand in addition to writing various articles about both men's and women's fashion trends and top clothing stores. 

You can learn more about Kendall by visiting her profile on LinkedIn.


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