Christy Caplan

Christy Caplan

Christy Caplan is a certified vet technician, writer, editor, copywriter, blogger, chicken keeper, and storyteller. 

She has over 10 years of experience covering the pet industry. As a certified veterinary technician, she uses her knowledge to inform animal lovers on health and wellness topics. Her focus is on small animals, including poultry. Christy's Standard Dachshund and Beagle are the inspiration behind her blog and writing portfolio. She is a member of both the Dog Writers Association of America and Cat Writers' Association.  

Freelance Writer

For the past five years, her work has been published in a wide array of online and print publications that focus on animal health and behavior. She writes for pet brands, including HealthySmiles, a mobile service that provides non-anesthetic dental cleaning for small pets. After living in the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years, many of Christy's clients are located in Portland, Ore. including Portland Pet Stores. She curates and writes all their blog content encouraging customers to shop locally. Her passion is creating content that helps educate pet lovers. 

Christy reports the latest pet news on KSCO Pet Radio every Sunday with Laura Pakis and David Coursey. 

National Publications 

You'll find her articles and pet product reviews in Business Insider, Animal Wellness Magazine, Wide Open Pets, Pet Product News, Tenderly,, and Pet Sitting Magazine. Christy loves reviewing popular dog products with her two hounds, including a waffle treat maker for pet parents looking for fabulous holiday gifts. 

Animal Health and Wellness Influencer 

Wag and Cluck is a blog Christy created to share stories about her life with hounds and two flocks of chickens in Washougal, Washington. She lives in a region that is challenging for chicken keepers as it rains most of the winter. Christy's goal is to educate chicken tenders about the ups and downs of owning a flock in a challenging environment. Her life with hounds and hens is curated on Instagram and Facebook. 

Writing Awards

She received two awards from the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) for stories on congestive heart failure in dogs and heartworm disease. Her article on pet anxiety in Pet Sitting Magazine was also nominated for The PSI Professional Pet Care Award. She has been a member of the DWAA since 2018. 

Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

In 2012, Christy graduated from Portland Community College in Ore. with a degree in Veterinary Technology. She passed the CVT board exam and practiced as a certified vet technician at a local Hillsboro, Ore. veterinary clinic for a year. Her clinical experience also includes work with a mobile vet that travels the Portland, Ore. region caring for senior animals. 

K9-Nosework Enthusiast

Christy is involved in the dog sport, K9 nosework, and competes with Walter, her Dachshund, and Shermie, her Beagle mix. Nosework is an activity that allows a dog to use their natural desire to hunt. A dog’s unique ability to 'detect the scent and determine the source' is why Christy loves the sport as scent work is a topic she's researching for a book project.  

Animal Welfare Board Work 

She has served on the board of Indigo Rescue since 2008. Christy realized her passion for animals when she adopted her first dog, Jack, who was emaciated, flea-ridden, and discovered under a car in Los Angeles. Years later, she became familiar with Indigo Rescue when adopting her third dog, Bruiser. She has a special place in her heart for Indigo Rescue and their mission to end animal abandonment and pet overpopulation in her community. 

Chicken Keeping 

Christy has been caring for chickens in the Pacific Northwest for over two years. She has two flocks of hens and two friendly roosters. Chickens are generally easy to care for but they can be complicated. Her goal is to provide advice to new chicken owners so they don't make the same mistakes she has over the past few years. 

Integrative Medicine for Senior Animals 

Senior animals are what makes Christy's heart race. Both her dogs are seniors and she is passionate about integrative and holistic vet care as a complement to traditional vet medicine. Acupuncture, hydrotherapy, herbal medicine, and nutrition are areas she is constantly researching and her passion for senior pet care is one of the reasons she decided to pursue veterinary medicine. Christy has taken many continuing education courses on these alternative vet care topics. 

Washougal, Wash. Arts Commission

Christy serves as a commissioner on the Washougal Arts Commission. The commission was established to identify and actively encourage arts development and sustainability in her hometown of Washougal. This is the city’s primary resource in matters of public art and Christy is helping the city establish murals that focus on wildlife in the region. 





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